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Hanna Mel | Shy or Something

Warming up for her EP later this year, 23 year-old Swedish sensation Hannah Mel has returned with her new single 'Shy or Something'.


With a refreshing sound which is an instant ear worm, 'Shy or Something' is infused with dark-pop production, melodic guitar plucks and warm vocals to create a lush arrangement. Her raw and honest lyricism delves into the feelings of not knowing whether someone likes you back or not, a theme that will resonate with listeners as she hopes to help and inspire others through her own personal experiences.

Hanna says on the track,

”You know the feeling when that *spark* might just be something you dreamt up in your head? Shy or Something is about two introverts having a crush on one another. Each too shy to admit it, and the frustration that it brings. I am a very introverted person myself, who easily gets quiet around large groups of new people. With this song, I wanted to play with the difference between being introverted or shy. Even though people might perceive them as the same thing – they feel totally different from within”

Hanna Melander is a producer and songwriter from Musikmakarna (Songwriter’s Academy of Sweden) who is redefining the genre on her own terms. Her artistry is all about sharing her thoughts and feelings, packaged in a minimalistic and dark soundscape.

'Sucker Supreme' is out now.

Listen HERE


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