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Harpo Milk | Swim Again

After 4 Circa Waves albums, lead-guitarist Joe Falconer makes his own lo-fi indie interests known in solo project Harpo Milk.


Making up one-fourth of the Liverpudlian band’s line-up, the Circa Waves guitarist continues to further his solo venture under alias Harpo Milk with the release of new track ‘Swim Again’. The raw and vulnerable new track is a significant departure from the band, as themes of teenage doubt regarding rigid masculinity are triggered by the pressures surrounding virginity. Such a suppression of emotion that is often reinforced by lad culture is explored in the perfectly angsty dream-pop tune.

Falconer himself fills the role of singer with an exact knowing of how to compliment his own shoegaze- echoing guitar instrumentation. The lo-fi production and scuzzy guitar make the track more akin to Falconers cited inspirations such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Slowdive rather than what was last heard on Circa Waves’ March release Sad Happy.

Unlike Circa Waves, who are now characterised by their upbeat anthemic sing-alongs, Harpo Milk provides a place for Joe Falconer to share gritty truths as he looks into himself and shares stories and momentary observations from the life he passes through.


Listen to 'Swim Again' HERE Instagram: @harpomilk

Written by Matty Jones


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