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Haunter | Love You Better (Airon Remix)

Emo infused pop outfit Haunter have released a synth heavy remix of their debut single ‘Love You Better’ reworked by their good friend and producer, Airon.


The group believe in the inherent ability for music to have the same emotional impact as love and are intent on producing thought-provoking, inclusive songs for the masses. 

The group’s guitarist and synth player Enoma Asowata, said: 

“This remix really serves as a way for us to stay connected with our existing fans and hopefully bring us some new ones. We've always been a fan of EDM and a lot of its sub-genres. Since we are good friends with Airon. It seemed like a natural choice to start with him on this journey.”

Haunter have plans to release new music throughout the rest of the year and aim to remind all of us that through all of the s**t that we may be going through, we are not alone in any of it.


Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @haunterisntreal | @aironbeats


Twitter: @ross_alister


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