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Hazlett | Karaoke

Pop troubadour Hazlett explores moments of clarity on new EP 'Thundering Hopes' which includes single 'Karaoke'.


'Karaoke', alongside the rest of the new EP, is a truly impressive offering from Hazlett, who is an extremely talented songwriter. The guitar and vocals on the first verse are mesmerising, and the build up to the chorus is super strong. The production is clean and suits Hazlett's smooth vocals perfectly.

The track is about being there when your friends need you – in this case while on a night out with Lindsay Lohan in NYC that got out of hand.

“When that happens I have a paternal instinct that kicks in, I get a one track mind for making sure nothing happens to my friends.” 

Writing and performing music is a form of therapy for the Brisbane native. His modus operandi: finding beauty in the banalities of modern life. 

The self-proclaimed overthinker is ready to step out of the shadows, having journeyed far from home to base his creativity in Stockholm, Sweden. Upcoming project 'Thundering Hopes' is a follow up from the artists first token breakup EP 'Honey, Where Is My Home'.

Exploring the journey of acceptance, Hazlett tells us:

“It’s about those moments when you move on and feel normal again. The times when you live a little reckless. The way you bury certain feelings to protect yourself. Nights when you wonder if it’s okay to be selfish and mornings when you notice nothing’s a waste of time. It’s a collection of stories about fumbling your way to feeling good again and how living’s never perfect, but you can make it pretty.”

The singer-songwriter has already captured an impressive list of credits, having received support from various influential tastemakers. Hazlett’s lyrics naturally often deal with transition and moments of clarity.  After writing songs and playing in various rhythm sections for most of his formative years, Hazlett has been able to perfect his own artistry.

Teaming up with producer Freddy Alexander, Hazlett combines the heart and grit of the songwriters of old with an open-minded nature that takes in a plethora of modern pop influences. He is certainly one to watch out for this year. 


Listen to 'Karaoke' HERE Instagram: @thisishazlett

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