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Heather Sommer | i like you more in my dreams

Electro-pop topliner Heather Sommer has released her new track 'i like you

more in my dreams'.


This track is a delicious taste of pop perfection. Heather Summer has rich vocals and the most stunning and euphonious tone which could easily be comparable to the likes of some of pop's front runners including Julia Michaels and Chelsea Cutler. The guitar is just gorgeous - 'i like you more in my dreams' is a melodic masterpiece.

Explaining the track, Heather says:

"'i like you more in my dreams' focuses on the epiphany that occurs when we realize certain relationships are better in our minds than they are in reality. Love can be as powerful as it is blind. As humans, we oftentimes glamorize our memories of the past in order to forget or cover up the truth of it all."

Heathers' previous singles have landed her spots on countless of Spotify's coveted New Music Friday playlists, accumulating millions of streams to date. Having a strong background in illustration and design, Heather incorporates her artwork and branding in all aspects of her original music too, and was eager to design the album artwork and promotional animations for this track.


Listen to 'i like you more in my dreams' HERE Instagram: @theartistheather


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