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Heckyl | Stranger

'Stranger' is the second single release from Heckyl, artist moniker and the inner voice of experienced and successful songwriter and producer, Luke Potter.


On its surface 'Stranger' is an uplifting and feel good track which infuses tropical house production with upbeat pop melodies. The instrumentation features a driving rhythm, infectious hooks, catchy melodies and glistening synths taking us on an energetic and exhilarating musical rollercoaster ride but as we take a deeper look, Luke proves his impressive, deeply personal songwriting talent and the lyrics juxtapose the euphoric instrumentation. The track perfectly encapsulates the inner voices that Luke channels through Heckyl and referring to the anxiety often experienced late at night, something that will universally resonate with many of his listeners in these difficult times.

'Stranger' follows hot on the heels from the release of his debut 'Preacher', which received support from a number of influential tastemakers, 'Stranger' is self-written, performed and produced in Luke's Sweet Factory Studio. Heckyl's scheduled 2021 releases are all personal pop songs inspired and informed by, in Luke's words,

“... a monster underneath my bed, but at night he crawls into my head”…

capturing a world where anxiety, love and creativity come together in one artist form.

With a slew of highly successful releases under his own name and co-writes and productions for others, his songs have a combined almost 25 million streams on Spotify alone.

'Stranger' is out now.

Listen HERE


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