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Hef Teppa | Understand

Young Belgian producer Hef Teppa has released his new single, 'Understand', following on from a string of 2020 releases.


'Understand' stands out from the rest because of its groovy and banging basslines which hook you completely in from the get go. The great vocal sample work fits perfectly with the polished production and the track just makes you want to get up and dance, whilst also being a little more chilled than other tech / house records.

Hef Teppa is an exciting new name on Hot Fuss Records and 'Understand' is his first release on the label which fully expresses his love for the genre. The track was premiered by Hef himself on the Hot Fuss Summer Camp live streams.

We can't wait to hear more and see a big future for this young talent, who would be a perfect addition to any massive dance festival lineup in the coming years.


Listen to 'Understand' HERE

Instagram: @hefteppa.ofc


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