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Herschel Lamont | Explore You

Nashville based singer, songwriter and producer Herschel Lamont has released his infectious, head-bopping track 'Explore You' from his EP 'Worst Days' set for release later this year.


'Explore you' is a soulful and steamy track, perfectly sprinkled with a dusting of pop and R&B and on point, smooth vocals. The track is emotional and about being into someone 100%. Produced and written in tandem with Herschel's best friend Ben Flanders, the song came about after he met and talked with what is now an ex-girlfriend.

He explains:

"I've got some bad habits, and I wanted her to know if she was cool with that, then we could explore this obvious connection between us."

Herschel grew up in St. Louis in a household that fostered his love for music. His ability to dive deep into the listener's soul and draw out pure emotion makes him different than most artists just looking for a catchy hook or another viral dance craze. Hersh has always has been somewhat of an anomaly as an artist, which is only amplified in the Country Music Capital of Nashville, TN, that he has called home for the past ten years. Most will tell you that Hersh's sound is easy to recognize, yet hard to label, and that's just fine by him.

Hersh's most recent single 'Comfortable' was released in February 2019 and gained some early traction but wasn't exactly the sound he wanted to go for moving forward. After linking up with his management team at Kinner Rose Music and Media, Hersh has spent the last year-and-a-half finding and fine-tuning that sound in studios in Nashville and LA.

In the upcoming EP, Herschel stares deep into complicated past, and a presumed present, while never taking his eyes off the future.


Listen to 'Explore You' HERE Instagram: @hershthaprophet


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