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Hey Violet | Dear Love

Hey Violet give another glimpse into their upcoming EP, 'Problems', with brand new track 'Dear Love'.

First single which premiered earlier this year, 'Friends Like This' was an instant fan favourite and 'Dear Love' is set to be no different. The mesmerising and cool cut boasts the same sensibilities that their fans have known to love whilst also adding a more dark electro edge and killer, more savage take on your average pop anthem.

With an almost hypnotic vocal, 'Dear Love' takes us on a journey - delicate in places and more climatic in others, offering something unique in todays industry whilst also fitting straight into the commercial mainstream.

The band’s early material embraced a youthful pop-punk sound, but 2017’s 'From the Outside' represented a step forward for the band, drawing from formative influences to cook up their own sound that places them in line with pop contemporaries like The 1975, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish.

Rena explains,

“We love pop music that has a somber nostalgia to it. We really cultivated our sound which laid a great foundation for what we’re doing now, and we’re not afraid to experiment.”

The band, founded by sisters Rena & Nia Lovelis and friend Casey Moreta has gone through many iterations, but always come back to this base. From sharing the stage with their peers 5 Seconds of Summer to two Teen Choice Awards, and IHeart Radio Music Award, a Radio Disney Music Awards to stints with Hi or Hey Records, Capitol and now this, their new found and exciting independence.

Hey Violet's upcoming 4-track EP, 'Problems', out 18th June, will continue the band's lasting impact whilst giving a perfect taste of the direction that the trio are heading in. 2021 is set to be a huge year for the band and will poise them as one of pop's most exciting acts to watch as they make waves like never before.

'Dear Love' is out now. Listen HERE @heyviolet


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