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HIXON | The Strangest Thing

HIXON have released their newest EDM track 'The Strangest Thing'.


'The Strangest Thing' is a thoroughly artistic and well thought out track. Any fans of Stranger Things will get the references to the show and it works so well. It's melodic, delightful with indie, electro-pop and EDM vibes.

"When we first heard Paul’s track we were blown away by the drop and for some reason it made us think of the show Stranger Things so we wrote a song from the perspective of Mike and how he feels whenever Eleven is not around."

HIXON are a millennial family band exploring everyday questions one story at a time. Imagine Matt Maeson and Khalid had a love child with less vocal control and more feelings and you will hear the voice of lead singer Daniel.


Listen to 'The Strangest Thing' HERE Instagram: @hixonmusic


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