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Honas | Redesign

Sligo-born singer / songwriter Hugh O'Neill, aka Honas has released his first single of 2021, entitled 'Redesign'.


'Redesign' sparkles with a sense of nostalgia with an 80's reminiscent bass sound and a big anthemic chorus. The track blends relatable, familiar sounds with slight curveballs - a pitch-shifted kalimba plays the main riff whilst subtle changes of time signature help to mirror how the speaker's relationship has started to lose its way and become less recognisable.

The sonic palette that makes up Honas' sound has elements reminiscent of Bon Iver, The 1975 and Tycho. He fuses an organic singer / songwriter style with lush alt-pop soundscapes for a fresh sound, pleasing to fans of more traditional songwriting as much as fans of a more modern-electronic disposition.

Having lived and traveled in all corners of the world at a young age, Honas was exposed to more culture and music in his early years and most. After years of dabbling in different styles and genres, he found his feet sonically in 2019. During May 2020, we saw the release of his debut single 'Wicker Blanket', which garnered support internationally from music blogs, national radio play and Spotify editorial playlists. The year saw 4 releases from horas, where he enjoyed radio coverage worldwide, amassing almost 5 million total streams on Spotify.

'Redesign' is out now. Listen HERE @honasmusic


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