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Honestly | San Francisco

East Coast Duo Eric Canto and Dalton Winters, better known as Honestly have released their third single of 2020, titled 'San Francisco'.

The track conveys the nostalgia and longing for happier times in a past relationship, when everything was hopeful and full of loving promise.


The origins of the song were inspired by the relationship and various events that transpired between Winters and his ex. After paining over memories of a vacation that Winters and his then-girlfriend had taken under happier and sweeter circumstances, 'San Francisco' was first conceptualized in Honestly’s home studio.

'San Francisco' was the very first song that inspired the pair to pursue Honestly as more than a bedroom-therapy-writing session. The song materialized very quickly from initial inspiration, and was the first time that the band excitedly and proudly shared the project with their friends. To Canto and Winters, this song was the genesis of taking Honestly from a mere bedroom project and hobby to a band that they are now debuting to the world.

“‘San Francisco’ was inspired by a real experience, with literal lyrics and direct references. The song sums up the entire message of the album, and we hope that people can relate to its inspirational yet nostalgic messaging.” -Dalton Winters

“This song was the moment we knew that this project should be taken more seriously, and that we had something very special. This song perfectly exemplifies the feelings of nostalgia, infatuation, and excitement consistent with summertime.” -Eric Canto

Honestly is an alternative-pop band formed in the summer of 2019. The band showcases pop songwriting and an eclectic fusion of electro-pop, 00's R&B, 90's emo rock, and 80's new wave.

Their detailed lyrical content explores themes of youth, sex, love, and heartbreak. Sonically, the band will feel at home for fans of LANY, The 1975, joan, and Nightly.

Honestly’s debut full-length album, 'Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me', is slated for release on July 13th.


Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @honestlyitsyou


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