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Goldbrg | Feel This Good

In the past weeks, Goldbrg has been putting on thrilling house music DJ sets and even without a single track released, he has been lighting up social media & notching up an average audience of 30,000-65,000 viewers per stream, all within a student apartment over live streams that could be compared to a full concert production.

He is now taking the buzz to the next level, starting with his debut release 'Feel This Good' which was released last week.


Quickly going on to amass an engaging audience from going live on difference Facebook groups,

most notably 'Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens', his audience is a testament to both his talent, creativity and infectious personality.

Building on the current buzz & now looking set to take it to the next level, Goldbrg's 'Feel This Good' sets out his musical agenda in fitting fashion, delivering a chunky, vocal dose of house music. Featuring an infectious vocal hook & catchy drop - accompanied by a bassline that's set to ignite worldwide.


Listen to 'Feel This Good' HERE Instagram: @goldbrgmusic


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