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Iglu & Hartly | Cheetah

Fresh off an 8-week streak in the top 5 on the World Famous KROQ, Iglu & Hartly continue their string of comeback releases with 'Cheetah'.


'Cheetah' perfectly finds the sweet spot between a modern Twenty One Pilots-esque indietronica sound and a Totò like 80’s feel, further heightening their reputation of being the genre-binding band to beat. The track is soaked in nostalgia with steady drum beats and an indulgent indie pop rhythm, a feel-good groove and catchy lyricism - arriving just in time for summer.

The track began its life back in 2017 during a writing session which Jarvis had with the alternative rock group Night Riots. Having being left by the way-side, he revisited the idea and began a lyrical transformation, developing the tune into a deep and meaningful tale of friends overcoming the shared hardships of the past and rising again to run together once more.

“Lyrically, Cheetah tells the story of our band, from the dark road that led to our hiatus to our triumphant reunion show in 2019 after 10 years apart"

Iglu & Hartly was formed in the foothills of Colorado by college friends Jarvis, Sam and Simon. After dropping out and making the move to LA, Luis flew from Chicago to join the band and LA local Michael joined as bassist. The band paid its dues in the glitter and frame of seedy Hollywood nightclubs before being adopted by Hermosa Beach, who identified with their synth-heavy, sweaty and wildly packed shows.

The love the band felt from this city served as inspiration for the song 'In This City' which became a worldwide hit in 2008. As the single grew, the the synth-pop group rose up the UK pop charts (#5) and US alternative charts. The band toured the UK and Europe at a non-stop pace which resulted in a strain on the group’s interpersonal relationships and by 2010 the band was dropped by the label, and the members went their separate ways, until now.

'Cheetah' is out now. Listen HERE @igluandhartly


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