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ILON | selfish love

Emerging as a hotly-tipped newcomer before releasing a single track, Finnish 21-year-old singer / songwriter ILON has released her debut single 'selfish love', which proves exactly why.


Mellow, moody and mesmerising, 'selfish love' is a cleverly written track which is full of emotion and feeling. ILON's soft but strong vocal is accompanied by delicate production, featuring plucky acoustic guitar riffs and soft saxophone. The emotionally rich track is a top class debut.

ILON commented,

“'selfish love' is about being hurt one too many times. The other person sees your vulnerability as a chance to abuse you, to pretend to love you to feel good about themselves. At this point you are already broken enough to see through their malevolence – You throw yourself into it completely, giving in to every emotion. Being in such a vulnerable state, it sucks to notice that the other person was never really in it wholeheartedly.”

ILON writes with producer Ilkka Wirtanen, working together to tell memorable stories which are narrated by ILON's dark and compelling voice, and 'selfish love' has positioned ILON as the next contender amongst a wave of Nordic artists making international impact.

'selfish love' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE


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