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Interview | Charlotte Jane

Charlotte Jane’s debut EP ‘Nowhere To Hide’ established her as one of the UK’s brightest new voices. Quietly amassing millions of streams, it set her on the path to sell-out headline shows in London and hometown Hull, performing at Reading and Leeds and with the likes of Jess Glynne, Dennis Lloyd, Tom Odell and Lewis Capaldi.


Charlotte's new single 'Get it Right' lived up to high praise on release, featuring playlist placements on Spotify's New Music Friday, Apple's New in Pop in 19 countries and Deezer's Sofa Pop.

Co-written with Dayyon Alexander and Jeff Shum, ‘Get it Right’ demonstrates the 22-year-old singer-songwriter’s world class potential. Music has accompanied her every step inspired by all the soul greats. Charlotte Jane is now embarking upon the next chapter of her journey. Following on from her tracks ‘Nervous’, ‘All My Life’, and her debut ‘I Tell Lies’, the new songs pulsate with a growing confidence, delving into issues of self-acceptance, insecurities and blunt truths.


As part one of our One's To Watch 2020 list, we had a catch up chat with Charlotte on the new release and more...

As one of our ‘ones to watch’ for 2020, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to since we first spoke back at the start of the year? "Haha, this is such a strange question to answer this year isn’t it? I’m trying to think what I’ve done and I swear all of the months have blended into one. It’s like my calendar should just say ‘January, February, Maaaaaaarrrrrrccccchhhhh, December’. So yeah, if anyone was actually watching me this year they won’t have seen an awful lot going on. I cooked loads of food, went on about a billion walks and got addicted to Fortnite. Thankfully somewhere around August I managed to get my life together and start planning some releases." Having had to spend the majority of 2020 indoors, do you feel like lockdown has given you time to be more creative? "It definitely gave me more time than I knew what to do with but I’ve never been less musically inspired in my whole life. It’s easy for me to sit now and think ‘ugh, I wasted so much time not writing 6 albums or learning to play guitar’ but the truth is I just didn’t feel capable of any of that stuff at the time. I felt like the human version of a slug for a good few months. I’ve started getting back into writing in the last couple of months though and I am well and truly back on my A-game so that’s a relief."

You’ve just released your new track ‘Get it Right’! How does it feel to be releasing music in such a difficult time for artists right now?

"Releasing is definitely weird right now. It’s my first release on a major label (everything I released before this was independently put out) and I guess the kind of promo I’d normally get to do and the amount of touring I’d be able to do around the song is pretty much all wiped out so that’s rubbish. But we can’t all hold off from releasing music forever so I guess I just had to take a leap of faith, start the ball rolling with my new stuff and hope for the best!" Do you feel like this is a new direction for you or have you stuck to a solid sound? "I don’t know if it’s an entirely new direction, it’s just an evolution from my first EP. Slightly more sparse production, letting the lyrics and my vocal take the lead."

Tell us a little about the track!

"The day before I went into the studio and wrote Get it Right, I’d come to the edge of my tether with a guy who had been messing me around for a while. I knew exactly the type of guy he was but still I spent months waiting for him to prove me wrong. Such a waste of time. 'Get it Right' is the anthem for the lightbulb moment when you realise your own self worth and stop letting people string you along. It sounds sad but it’s actually empowering. I wrote it with Dayyon Alexander and Jeff Shum in LA about two years ago. I love making music with them, the studio is such a safe space and they have such incredible ideas. We actually have another song together that will be coming out next year." How has the reaction been so far? "It’s been so nice having something to chat and connect with people over again! I didn’t release anything for over a year and it kind of felt like I had nothing to talk about with fans anymore because the music is the strongest form of dialogue between us. So it’s such a great feeling to be releasing again and seeing people relate to the song." What’s coming for you in the near future?

"I hope, so much, that it’ll be safe to tour again soon. As soon as it is, you can bet I’ll be straight back on the road. Until then, I’ll be writing the best tunes I can and continuing to release new music throughout next year!"

'Get it Right' is out now.


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