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Interview | Erin Kirby

Erin Kirby is the fresh face of pop music that we have all been waiting for, and, on her new single ‘Half In Love’, the artist embodies exactly what it means to be a pop star.


Erin Kirby makes a case for songwriter of the year on her new single. Drawing on the bounce of pop and the flare of country in her influences, Kirby has the lyrical habits of the next Adele. The lofty tones on her new single are testament to everything that makes this young artist so special, and evidence that big things lie in waiting.

Written about being in love with someone new but unable to shake your feelings for your ex, Erin Kirby is penning relatable and palatable lyrics that will no doubt catapult her into mainstream success sooner, rather than later. The artist has already been named a John Maxwell Rising Star and Jezebel Magazine’s songwriter of the year, as well as being in the top 60 of this year’s American Idol.


Read on to find out what the artist had to say when we put some questions to her... 

How good is your new single ‘Half In Love’! Like seriously, well done.  "Aw thank you so so much!!" In the lyrics, you talk about still having feelings for an ex but trying to move on with a new partner. Is this an isolated incident for you? Or do you find it keeps happening? "This subject kind of happened to me but in a different way. I lost my best friend 2 1/2 years ago to a dirt bike accident. When this happened I had a hard time committing to a relationship. I struggled with loss for a little while and I sometimes still do!" For others who may be going through a similar experience, what are your top tips for putting those sorts of feelings to rest?  "I think that if someone really loves you then they will understand your thoughts and wait until you are ready. They should understand that you may not be ready." How would you describe your time on American Idol? And would you do it again?  "I had such an amazing experience on American Idol! I made some of the greatest friends!!! I have already had writing sessions with some of them!! I may do it in the future but I can’t say for sure." Any behind the scenes goss that you care to spill?  "We have a new video coming out to go with 'Half In Love'. I had the greatest time filming!! It was just the guy and I filming that day and we really bonded! Some of the greatest days creating!" We read that in your hometown of Atlanta, Georgia you volunteer a lot of your time to local non- profit organisations. Could you tell us a bit more about how this all started?  "I grew up in a family that taught me to help others when possible. I think of community service as a time that I can give back to God for all he has given to me! I love working with animals so volunteering on farms and at the animal shelter is my favorite! I also love working with kids and raising money for important causes! I believe music heals and I want to be able to heal hearts with my voice." What are the biggest issues in Atlanta just now?  "Corona is on the rise right now! It sucks because gigs have slowed down here. :(" What is your next track going to sound like?  "I am hoping to put out a track next that is super pop! I want a song that people can really jam out to!" Are there any album plans on the horizon? "I am planning on putting out a few more singles and then an EP!"

The next big star in pop music is here, so get yourself acquainted early, and check out her new track ‘Half In Love’. 


Listen to 'Half In Love' HERE Instagram: @erinkirbymusic


Twitter: @ross_alister

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