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Interview | Flawes

For a band whose music so often celebrates the beauty in life’s most challenging moments, even Flawes have had their patience tested in 2020. The electronic pop trio started the year with the release of their debut album, and then disaster struck and a pandemic got in the way of their big plans.


During lockdown, the guys wrote and recorded individually, but still collaboratively which gave them a refreshed sonic identity, as they recently revealed their new single 'Holding Out For The Win' - the first track to preview their upcoming EP 'Reverie', which will be released in the early months of 2021 via Red Bull Records.


We had a chat with the guys about how they've been keeping busy during lockdown, their upcoming EP release and what their plans are for the future...

Hey guys! How are you doing in these trying times? Do you have any plans for Lockdown 2.0?

JC: "Hey! Thanks for having us, I think our plan is the same as Lockdown 1.0 and to keep writing and keeping as busy as we can. My coping mechanism the last time was to limit the amount of news reports I watched in a day to just one and to lock myself away in the studio for the rest of the day. I definitely felt super fortunate that I had that escape, which I guess in turn influenced what became the 'Reverie' EP massively."

Tell us a fun fact about the band!

Huss: "Sir Patrick Stuart asked us for a photo with us once! We bumped into him in a restaurant in LA. (He’s from Huddersfield too) so naturally we ended up having a chat. After leaving him in peace to finish his breakfast, we collected our bags and when we walked out of the front door and there he was, waiting outside for a photo! Such a surreal moment, What a nice guy!"

How did you all meet each other? Freddie: "Huss and JC have known each other since they were a lot younger and actually went to the same school. When JC decided to put a band together I was recommended by a mutual friend and the rest is history!

Do you have a story behind the name?

JC: "Yeah, it comes from the idea of embracing your flaw’s and imperfections and learning from your mistakes. No one is perfect, and the imperfections make you who you are. The ‘e’ within Flawes is a flaw (within a flaw). I think we had just watched the film Inception and thought it was a good idea at the time haha."

What’s the main goal for Flawes?

Huss: "Honestly, we LOVE playing live, being on stage is where we feel most at home. So as long as we can keep writing music and touring, we’ll be happy! Nothing beats that excitement of playing new songs live so we have a lot to look forward to!"

Do you have any major inspirations? Huss: "Individuality we are all inspired by very different styles of music, currently we’re loving acts like Lauv, Sam Fender, The Band Camino and Holly Humberstone. You can definitely hear some older influences on this EP though like Massive Attack and Prince."

How would you sum up your sound in the form of a hashtag? Huss : "Hmmm I’ve never had to do this before but I suppose it would be #alternativepop or #epiceuphoriclovelyness"

You started the year by releasing your debut album ‘Highlights’ and then COVID struck. How did you all spend lockdown and do you feel like it gave you all more time to be creative? Freddie: "'Highlights' was a long time in the making and we were so excited to tour the hell out of it! We had an amazing year booked and it was sadly all brought to a grinding halt with Covid. SXSW being cancelled was a real blow but we were quick to look for a way to turn it into a positive. Lockdown ended up being a really productive time for us. We started a series of remote online covers called the isolation sessions and eventually went on to write and record the entire Reverie EP! In some ways being cooped up at home was a blessing as it removed a lot of the outside world distractions we would normally have had."

‘Holding Out For The Win’ was released back in October - Is there a story behind the track?

JC: "The song was written when reminiscing looking back at the exact moment i realised i had fallen in love. It’s a really exciting moment that I don’t think I’d ever consciously thought about and explored before. The song documents that moment and comes to the conclusion that there is something to be lost and that it’s going to be worth keeping a hold of. Along with the rest of the EP it is a very positive uplifting feel good kind of song."

Your 6 track EP ‘Reverie’ is due for release in February! What can we expect from that? Freddie: "The word reverie refers to the state of being lost in one’s thoughts, kind of like a daydream! We want to give the listener that same sense of escapism when listening to the EP. We’ve filmed some fun content around each track which will be released to our YouTube channel and are really proud of all 6 tracks."

What do you hope to do next year? Can we hope for any live shows?

Freddie: "We really hope so! It’s been such a mad year and a lot of the plans we had for touring were sadly postponed. The music industry has taken such a huge hit but we know it’ll bounce back! You can expect live streamed performances as well as more isolation covers on our Instagram for the time being. There will be lots of content on our YouTube too like I mentioned earlier!"

'Holding Out For The Win' is out now.

'Reverie' EP due February 26th.


Listen to the track HERE @flawes


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