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Interview | Fuller

Fuller has released his latest single to be lifted from his debut EP of the same name. 'Crush Me' enlists a driving bass line and soaring hook to explore the excitement and anticipation surrounding a life away from the safety of a traditional career.


Photo Credit: Jordan Geiger

About the song, he says:

"'Crush Me' is a song about running head first into life. It's about not fearing failure, because never trying would be the biggest failure of all. Live your life. Have fun. Don't take yourself to seriously, ya know?"

On September 25th, Fuller, the single vision of John Patrick Welsh, will release his debut EP. On the forthcoming release, he merges a lifelong diet of post-punk, alt pop, and indie rock. The result is clever songs packed with tongue-in-cheek musings on love, loss, and the condition of the modern millennial - all in a decisively addicting package. 

We had a chat with him on the new single, upcoming EP, TikTok & what he's up to next...

Hello! Welcome to The Lowdown! Introduce yourself and tell us something interesting about you! "Hi. I’m Fuller, and I like to party. Ooh, yikes!! that’s a super old “Hot Rod” reference..still relevant?! Maybe.. But, let’s be honest, probably not. We should be honest, right? I think that’s for the best. In support of said honesty, Fuller is my stage name. You can call me J.P."

Where are you from? "Born outside of Dallas, raised in Texas.. but I’ve been living in LA for the past couple of years. It’s pretty rad, really. All the sun, half the heat. California’s really doing something right, there."

When did you start your musical journey? "I started playing music in junior high or high school, but didn’t really think much of it. When I was in college and studying for law school, I started writing songs to decompress, and I started getting pretty good.. then at the last minute I pulled out of law school and moved to Austin to pursue music. It was super impulsive, which was fun. Gotta trust yr gut, ya know?!"

Who are your biggest inspirations? Are there any particular artists that inspire you to do what you’re doing? "I’ve been noticing more and more that a lot of my inspiration flares up from my “coming of age” years (such an obvious observation.. seriously, get with it J.P.). I find influence in  pretty much anything that would have been playing on Alt stations between 2001-2008 (think The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, etc..), along with the inescapable wave of the emo explosion that hit all us moody teens like a grenade in the late 00’s.. That being said, I’ve always had an affinity for pop music. ..still jam Madonna’s Ray of Light from time to time."

How would you sum up your sound in one sentence? "Fuller is a welcomed escape from the chaos - something you want to blast on your radio on the way to the party, or at the party, or after the party at home alone."

Your new single ‘Crush Me’ was released earlier this month! Tell us a little about the track! "Yes, it was! Crush Me is full of energy. It’s about moving out to LA to chase a dream, and all the excitement and fear that goes along with that. I’m not typically one to dwell on those negative, so it’s more about facing your fears and welcoming the challenge. Living your life without having to ask “what if?”"

It comes before your upcoming debut EP of the same name. Can we expect more of the same distinctive sound from the rest of the EP tracks?  "Ya know, what.. you sure can. The EP is brimming with fun, upbeat songs that touch on love, loss, and feeling helpless.. I know that sounds a bit counterintuitive, but I’m not really into all the doom and gloom. I have deep, serious thoughts as much as the next dude, but I tend to find the humor and light in them."

The first single release from the EP was ‘Favourite Poison’ - which went viral on TikTok. Do you feel social media is playing a part in helping artists get recognition? Have you found any of your favourite artists via social media?  "TikTok is a real interesting place..very easy to lose an hour if you’re not careful. I am very grateful that they helped get my project off the ground. I think a lot of people are discovering cool stuff on there.. but, I typically get most of my new music discovery through Spotify and friends." What are your plans after the EP? Are you straight back to writing more or are you going to enjoy some time off? "LOL, time off! You’re fun. I’ve actually been writing quite a lot since the, uh.. well, I’m sure you’ve noticed our “lil pandy”… So I will definitely be getting back into the studio after this release."

What do you hope to achieve within the next 5 years? "Tbh, I just want to keep making music. I’ve been really lucky to find a fanbase in the midst of all this craziness and I CAN NOT wait to get on the road and meet everyone IRL.. when that’s a thing again."


Listen to 'Crush Me' HERE Instagram: @listentofuller


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