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Interview | Gavyn Bailey & Madison Malone

Gavyn Bailey and Madison Malone have teamed up for catchy summer anthem 'Change Your Mind' for all the hopeful, unrequited lovers.


With an elevated, Swedish Pop-feeling pulse that makes you want to get up and dance, contrasted by lyrics reflecting on being vulnerable with someone and letting go of the fear of rejection, the song is a testament to the modern age of dating and relationships.

Reminiscent of 'Dancing On My Own' by Robyn, Bailey and Malone deliver intimate, sonically satisfying vocals over the top of driving synths and elated chords. 


We had the change to chat to the pair on the new release and more...

Hey Guys! Welcome to The Lowdown, how are you both?

Madison: "YAY! thank you for having us!"

Gavyn: "I’m doing pretty well given the state of the world! Very grateful to be healthy and have music out that is bringing some positivity to people’s day."

Tell us a fun fact about you! 

Madison: "I’m a Disney nerd."

Gavyn: "I started my music career at nine years-old. Had my first time in a studio at ten. Been doing it a long time!"

You’ve just released a collaboration entitled ‘Change Your Mind’! How did that come about?

Madison: "Gavyn & I met at a birthday party in LA…we started writing together about a month later and the rest is history!"

Gavyn: "Back in September of 2019, Madison, Cazz Brindis, and I met up in the studio for a writing session. I was feeling a lot of emotions that day and wanted to write about something positive! We weren’t writing for anyone specifically, just wanted to write a song!  Little did we know we’d create a song that we’d both fall in love with. My manager called me a few months later after seeing Madison perform CYM solo in Hollywood and asked if I’d want to put the song out as a duet and I was THRILLED! The rest is history..."

How has the reaction been to the track so far?

Madison: "People have been dancing to it, covering it, streaming it, grooving to it…so I’m pretty happy!"

Gavyn: "The reaction has been incredible! I am so excited to see how many people relate with it, but also happy to see it bringing some positivity and fun into people’s lives right now."

Tell us a little about the writing and recording process!

Madison: "Gavyn, Cazz, and I sat together at Cazz’s house and had a huge heart to heart about the way we love…falling fast and loving hard. From that convo, “Change Your Mind” was born!"

Gavyn: "We wrote the song last year and decided to release it right before quarantine was put into place in California. I ended up having to record my vocals in the closet over Zoom with Trevor Muzzy on the other end engineering. Madison recorded her vocals at home on her own and sent them to our producers! None of us ever met in person to produce the song, it was all done over the internet. Such a different experience but it’s quite amazing what we can do with technology today."

How would you sum up the track in the form of a hashtag?

Madison: "#OverthinkinSummerLovin"

Gavyn: "#LetsLove"

With the live industry on hold at the moment, do you hope to possibly head out on the road as soon as you can to debut the track live?

Madison: "Of COURSE! Let’s aim for Wembley!"

Gavyn: "I am dreaming of the day I can be on the road again. I miss live performances the most out of all of this. You can be sure that once we’re allowed, we’ll be out there!"

What can we expect next from you both?

Madison: "I’m recording a couple projects right now & am newly playing Nurse Madison on ABC’s General Hospital! <3"

Gavyn: "Over the last two years I’ve been working on my debut album with Trevor Muzzy and Ashley Maietta which I’m finishing up as we speak. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to release, but I’m sitting on some incredible songs that I cannot wait to share."


Listen to 'Change Your Mind' HERE Instagram: @gavynbailey | @madisonmalonemusic

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