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Interview I Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones is an emerging talented solo singer and songwriter from the UK. Since venturing on a solo career, he has released several singles, particularly over the past couple of months, including 'Strangers In The Dark' and 'Love Taker,' with single 'Myself' representing his freshest release.

'Myself' has a very catchy and uptempo beat to it and also shows off his vocals . The rhythm of the track truly contributes to its catchiness. We absolutely love the track!

The Lowdown had the chance to exclusively speak with Charlie Jones about his new single 'Myself,' who he derives musical inspiration from, his plans for after lockdown and much more. Keep reading to check out our interview with him!

You’ve recently released your new single ‘Myself.’ What’s it like to have that out for everyone to listen to?

"Before the whole Coronavirus lockdown, I was lucky enough to have a lot of songs recorded. This one was by far my favourite one I've written, just purely from the energy you get from listening to it for the first time. I feel like it's the strongest track that I've written so far. I am over the moon that it's finally out!"

What is the meaning behind ‘Myself’?

"With 'Myself,' the synopsis of the track is based on a time period where I was basically getting into a rut and I wasn't recognising myself. My favourite features and characteristics about myself were fading a little bit. It had been a while since I really felt like myself. The track is all about acknowledging that and getting out of that."

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to listen to the single yet, can you sum it up in a few words?

"With a lot of my music, it has a dark undertone. It's a very energetic, hip-hop infused and dark pop song. It's quite a mixture of things, but there is a lot in there!"

Do you have a favourite lyric from ‘Myself’?

"It's not a lyric that's my favourite for any particular reason. The lyric itself and the coolness of the sound of it makes it quite cool! 'I ain't even high, but I took everything' may be my favourite lyric from the track."

Over the last few months, you’ve released a number of tracks, but do you have a stand-out favourite release?

"I would say my new track 'Myself' is my favourite. However, I have been fortunate enough to release a song a month over the lockdown period. I have been so happy with all of the releases so far. You would be surprised that a lot of artists aren't the happiest about the songs they are releasing for some reason, but I am over the moon about all of them."

Who do you derive inspiration musically from?

"I pick a lot of inspiration from a lot of artists, because I listen to a lot of music! A few artists who I look up to massively in the music-making part of it, with the production and stuff, would be people like Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars."

When you’re writing music, do you relate to things that have happened to you before to use in your music?

"I've been working with a production team called The Lab. I've done all my releases with those two guys. They have a lot of really cool tracks that they are constantly working on. I pick a track in the studio that day and then I start writing the melody. From there, a lyric will come and I'll turn that one line or lyric into a whole concept and write the song."

Has lockdown given you even more of an opportunity to write and record music?

"I'd say it hasn't given me more time, because I'm usually in the studio with the guys at The Lab. I'm sure that it's been difficult for all recording artists to get studio time, but luckily enough, I was in the situation where I had a lot of my songs recorded previously. If I didn't, it would have been very difficult."

Post-lockdown, are you planning to get out on the road and perform your music live?

"I've released a few singles over the last few months. I wanted to get my music out there and into the world before going back on the road. It's been a while. It's something that I 100% want to do as soon as I can!"

Finally, do you have a message for your supporters?

"To everyone who has supported me over the years and who is still with me, listening to my music, you mean the absolute world. There have been some ups and downs, different bands and different solo time periods with me, but they are so amazing. Without them, I couldn't be releasing the music I'm releasing today!"

'Myself' is out now.

By Rachel Dempster


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