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Interview | NUUXS

NUUXS has just shared her brand new single titled ‘SPF’ which is the second tease of the artist’s upcoming debut full- length, ‘Heirloom’.


Following on from ‘Sun God’, the new track presents yet another tranquil pop edition to the NUUXS back catalogue, and unequivocally cements her status as an artist to watch.

The Lowdown recently caught up with NUUXS to have a chat about her new single, and what we can expect from her debut album.

How is life treating you?  

"I can’t complain, I’ve had time to reassess my health and being mindful of what I bring into my own life now and in the future. It’s been great to spend time exercising and meditating, reading and also being creative. I’ve been working with a few exciting charity projects too which utilises my passions to help others." Your new single is incredible! Could you tell us when and where it was written? What is the story behind it?

"Thank you! SPF is actually the last song written on the album, it was very unexpected and I was just vining in the studio and Jake started playing the Rhodes and it just presented itself as a song that had to be on the album. The song itself is about being consumed by love, like the fragile humans we are under the sun we need SPF for protection but in this case I’m saying, I don’t want to be protected from its engulfing love- I want it all."

It is the second song to be released from your upcoming debut album Heirloom, following on from the tranquil Sun God. Which of the two gives the best idea of what we can expect from your debut full- length? 

"The album itself is a ride, twists and turns all the exciting things that come with a fun ride- there are moments that are slow and soothing, others daring and some that just make you giddy." Where are you creatively, would you say, in terms of where you want to be in music?

"I am exactly where I need to be, I have the absolute privilege of making music and sharing it with people from around the world as well as being a songwriter where I’ve been able to write with other incredible artists. There is always room for expansion and I’m excited to see where that goes." We read that you spent your formative years in a cult. How much of an impact has that experience had on the person that you have become today?  

"I am lucky that I have learned to love myself- I don’t think you have to be in a cult to learn that, I think it’s everyone’s duty to learn that for their own sake. It did stifle my confidence for a while and I felt like the smallest person in the room sometimes but I try to not be so hard on myself. When I even have the courage to put myself out there with my art to the world I remember a version of myself who would have never been able to do that. We can all be our own superheroes but we should try and lend a helping hand to others if we are able. I think that is who I strive to be." And musically, is it why you are perhaps so experimental and diverse with your sound? Are you making up for lost time when music was alien to you? 

"Absolutely! I don’t know anyone who is just one thing- and that’s my favourite part about being human, we are born to be diverse."  You started off writing lines for local grime artists. Can we expect any features on Heirloom? Or perhaps some grime influence?  "I didn’t want any features because it’s my debut album and felt it should be as raw as possible, however there are influences from grime in one of the tracks. " If someone is listening to you for the first time, what frame of mind do they have to be in?

"My music is for anyone who is listening- it definitely has a vibe where you can dance to it but some are more for chilling out, driving or on headphones when you’re on the tube." And if you had to describe your sound in one word...

"Kaleidoscopic" Thank you for chatting with us today! Do you have any final words for The Lowdown readers?

"Thank you so much- your questions were great! All I have to say is keep an eye for the songs being released one by one before the full album release in March 2021 and that there are no limitations to who you desire to be. "


Listen to 'SPF' HERE Instagram: @iamnuuxs


Twitter: @ross_alister


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