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Interview | The Coronas

In light of their new album 'True Love Waits', we had a chat with Irish three piece,

The Coronas..


The Coronas’ thirteen-year journey has definitely been unique. With a handful of multi-platinum selling albums and a huge fanbase in their native Ireland, the band were just about to embark on a 6-month world tour when a certain unfortunately named virus tried to spoil the party.

Thankfully, the band are back with the new album, and a point to prove.


Your track 'Light Me Up' is infectious. What's the story of the song?

"The song is about being grateful for having someone in your life who see’s the best in you, even when you’re having moments of self doubt. I wrote it with my good friend Cian MacSweeny who’s in a great new band called True Tides"

It's a real feel good bop and you've just released your new album 'True Love Waits'. How would you sum up the album?

"I think the album has a bit of everything on there. There’s a duet with Gabrielle Aplin called 'Lost in the Thick of It' which is more of a downbeat vibe but I think it’s still feel good in its own way. We’re really proud of the album and it has been getting such a great reaction so far!"

The Coronas are celebrating their thirteen year journey, what's changed for you guys over the years and what is it that keeps you going and excited?

"I think our songwriting has evolved for sure, each album has progressed us musically, but yet I still think it has our sound. Our live set has also grown over the years, we’re definitely more aware of putting on a show now as opposed to just playing a bunch of songs. We miss live gigging so much at the moment, playing live is what keeps us excited. No two live shows are ever the same. We love touring and travelling and we hope it all comes back soon."

You may just have the most recognisable band name in the world right now - what are you guys hoping to do in a post-COVID19 world?

"We’re hoping to be the success story that reminds people how we beat the virus! Haha. We just want to get back touring, releasing music and do what we love. We’re not good at anything else!"


Listen to 'True Love Waits' HERE Instagram: @thecoronasofficial

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