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Interview | The Light The Heat

2020 certainly hasn’t been a year of summers in the sun with friends and family, enjoying music festivals both live and on tv, however, The Light The Heat are ready to bring the festival to your Spotify playlists with their new folk pop single 'Carry On'.


The track is lifted from the bands debut album 'Wide Awake' written over a span of 4 years. The album reflects the fight for enduring love, the wonder in the present moment, and the longing for adventure. In an unprecedented time, TLTH and the message from their new single couldn’t be more appropriately timed. In a time of turmoil 'Carry On' Takes a positive spin on transitional periods and stepping into the unknown - the perfect message everyone needs right now.


We had a chat with the band on the album and more...

You’ve just released your debut album, which has been in the works for 4 years! Tell us a little about it!

"'Wide Awake' was a lot of fun to put together. The songs were recorded in many different locations resulting in some nice sonic variety. After a few EPs and a handful of singles we felt like the pieces were coming together for a full length release. The LP has been a long time coming and it's fun to hear the mix of tracks over the past 4 years. Along with our previous releases, most of the songs are about love and empowerment."

How did it feel to do such a big release in a time that’s been really difficult for artists and creatives?

"We had about half of the songs finished going into this year and then hit pause like everyone else. But being able to work remotely, we decided to keep at it and finish the album. It's bittersweet. A lot of folks who rely on touring are out of work. We hope this record puts out some positive energy. We all need it." Are there any key themes or inspirations on the album?

"The album has themes of inclusivity, positivity and adventure but the fight for love is definitely an overarching theme. I (Nathan) have been married 18 years and we have 4 boys ages 10-16. I write a lot about our journey of love. In a culture where it's so easy to throw in the towel when things get rough we've chosen to be very intentional about our habits in order to stay connected." Are there any fun behind the scenes stories during recording that you can share?

"Most of our production traditionally has been exclusively Jesse and I. Last year we went to Nashville and did some writing with a good Geoff Duncan. The session went really well and we wrote the lead single 'Wide Awake'. The song leans a bit more pop than some of our others but it felt natural to explore that lane. We hope to explore more songs in a similar vein in 2021." One of our personal favourite tracks is ‘Carry On’. Can you tell us a little about the story behind the lyrics? "'Carry On' was written with transition in mind. We all struggle to let go of the past. The lyric encourages us to look forward with hope. We love collaborating with other artists. Our friend Mike Mains co-wrote this one." Do you have a specific favourite lyric or full track that stands out as one you are really proud of, and why?

"'Brighter Days' feels especially appropriate in our climate. The bridge is:

"When will we all discover, all we need is each other".

Hopefully listeners will feel empowered to listen more to people who are different from them. Most songs we write separately but 'Falling Stars' was an idea that we started together. Working in the same room allowed us to quickly sketch out the bones of the song. We had a lot fun layering the track with subtle textures and ear candy. What are your plans for 2021?

"More music on the way. We have a few singles in the works and a collab EP with a friend set for the Spring."

'Wide Awake' is out now.


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