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Interview | VAVO

DJ/producer duo VAVO unveiled their eagerly anticipated single Day N’ Night' ft ZHIKO earlier this year.


The undeniable summer vibe track is underpinned by an infectious chorus and has already garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify alone and is set to dominate the UK charts and dancefloors alike.

VAVO combines the musical talents of Vancouver native Jesse Fischer and London-born Alden Martin who have continuously taken the scene by storm for the last 3 years. Their new single ‘Day N’ Night’ shows off the producers’ ability to stay ahead of the curve and have previously gained support from industry heavyweights such as Tiesto and Leandro Da Silva.

Their list of achievements doesn’t stop there as they have had a whopping 4 out of 5 of their last releases chart on Billboard along with featuring on renowned playlists such as Spotify’s Friday Cratediggers, Dance Rising and Mint along with Apple Music’s Dance XL, All Day Dance and Breaking Dance.

With the release already garnering excitement from all corners of the industry, it’s clear that VAVO are ready to put their stamp on 2020 too.


We had a chat with the duo on their journey so far...

Hey Guys! Welcome to The Lowdown. How are you both doing?

"Hey! Thanks for having us. We are doing well. Making best with the time off we have right now!"

You released your single ‘Day N’ Night’ back in May which features the vocals of ZHIKO. Tell us a bit about the track!

"ZHIKO sent us the basic vocal idea a while back and we instantly fell in love with it. We wanted to make a super catchy and sexy dance track that people could vibe too. One that resonates with all music listeners, whether you are a dance music fan or not, and one that could be both heard on radio, but still go hard in a night club."

How has the reaction been so far?

"Right out of the gates, the reaction has been unreal! People are really loving the track, which is probably why it is our best performing song yet. It has also been really exciting because loads of people reach out to say how much they love it. Knowing that your music connects with people like this is a great feeling."

Track has hit 5 million streams on spotify, which is a crazy amount. House / dance tracks are now becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream - especially in the UK. What is it you love about the genre of music you make?

"Yes! It’s our first one to do that, so we’re beyond excited! It’s been so amazing to see dance music become mainstream because it proves people have an affection for it. There’s an amazing energy that it brings and, what we love is the ability for someone to stream our song during the day, but then also use it for their live show at a club later that night. Having said that, we love all genres. We of course love house / dance music, it’s part of our identity, but from the beginning we both decided that our main focus will be to make the best music we can despite the genre, while keeping the VAVO element of course. That said, house is really poppin’ right now and because we are feeling it too, we wanted to create what a VAVO house track would sound like."

Jesse, you're from Vancouver, what is the dance scene like over there? Have you played any shows over there? How does it differ to the UK?

"The dance scene in Vancouver is pretty good. As of late it has been quite bass heavy, and it has been quite some time since I have been back. There are a couple of clubs dedicated to dance music performances, but overall, I think Vancouver is more of a bar scene. We unfortunately haven’t played their yet, but it is high on our list! The UK is the like capital for House Music really. Like mentioned before, it’s very much in the mainstream, so there are lots of sick nightclubs that cater to house music and it seems as if people generally prefer it over other genres."

Have you had a stand out moment in your career so far?

"Definitely a few, but one very notable moment would be our record 'Like Nobody' going #1 on US Dance Radio. We never imagined that was possible just a few short years ago, but fast forward to now and here we are. Knowing the songs and artists we beat out for that spot was insane and a dream come true! We are working on a bunch of stuff, so we hope to have some more soon!"

What has been the best piece of advice you've been given?

"Believe in yourself more than anyone else. Be your #1 fan and stay true to yourself."

And finally, what's coming next for you?

"So much new music! This is the most music we have had finished at one time EVER! We cannot wait to share with the fans what we have been working on!!"


Listen to 'Day N' Night' HERE Instagram: @vavomusic


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