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Interview | We Are Gold

French production duo We Are Gold and Finnish pop prodigy Tomi Saario today unveil the video for their feel-good single ‘Coconut Water’, out now via RCA France / Sony Music.


'Coconut Water' has already racked up over a million streams since its release and is built around a sample of Spandau Ballet's 'True', receiving approval from the hitmakers themselves. We Are Gold have seamlessly blended the unmistakable melody with Tomi’s sleek vocals to create an infectious tropical 2020 homage to the iconic 1983 hit.


Read our interview with the guys here...

Hey guys! Welcome to The Lowdown! How are you both doing? 

"Hey Lowdown, we’re doing good, thank you for the invitation :)"

First off, when did you meet and why did you decide to create the group? 

"We met each other 4 years ago while both on a trip to L.A for music. We ended up  working together with a couple local artists out there. Back in France we kept in touch and as we were really complimenting each other music wise we decided to create a group in order to release tracks together."

Is there a story behind the name ‘We Are Gold’? 

"Yes there is, David last name is Goldcher and his producer name used to be G.O.L.D. We thought that it could be a great name for us but there was already a band named GOLD in France, that had major success during the 80s. We ended adding “We are” in the beginning because it gave it an uplifting meaning : We are all gold, whoever we may be, each one us is unique and precious."

You’ve recently released your new single ‘Coconut Water’, featuring vocals from upcoming artist Tomi Saario, how was working with him? 

"It was awesome to work with Tomi, he is a really talented individual and was very involved with the project. We really had a blast recording the song in Paris and shooting the video in Bucharest, good vibes :)"

The official video for the song has just been released! What was the creative process behind that? 

"We wanted to have something sunny, warm, and playful that would fit the song. Given that summer was already gone and being under restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, we chose to shoot it in a studio and use retro vibes for the sets and vintage colors."

The track is built around a sample of the Spandau Ballet classic ‘True’. You’ve put  your own spin on 70’s / 80’s tracks in the past - including your debut single which was a revamp on ‘It’s a Shame’ by The Spinners. What is it about the older classics  that you love? 

"They are timeless. they don’t age and carry a lot of emotions. They also have a universal vibe that crosses cultures and borders. It’s like something you already  know, something familiar that catches the ear."

Who would you say are your biggest influences? 

"When it comes to the music itself, we have a broad spectrum of genres and eras we are influenced by: all the 80s music, the 70s, Latin music, Soul and Funk classics, Punk Rock, Hip Hop.. Also as music producers, we really look up to Max Martin, being the most famous songwriter a majority of people haven't heard about. Then of course, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Dr Dre…"

With the pandemic, do you feel like it’s given you more time to make music and be  creative with what you’re doing? 

"Yes and no, given that life as a music producer is close to being quarantined most of the time anyway ahah. But it also gave us the opportunity to have more Skype and Zoom sessions with  writers and other producers thus, in a way, it allowed us to be more productive."

Do you have any plans for any live shows (as soon as they can happen)?

"Yes we do and it’s a big surprise so stay tuned :)"

And finally, what’s your plans for the rest of the year and into 2021?

"More life and more hits ahah!!"


Listen to 'Coconut Water' HERE Instagram: @wearegoldofficial


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