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Introducing | Bontruce

24-year old artist & producer Bontruce, has released his debut single 'Salvation', following a recent remix of ‘Be Like That’ by Kane Brown featuring Swae Lee & Khalid.


A self-confessed studio nerd, Bontruce is responsible for the entire process of composing, producing and writing his tracks. A modern-day one-man band, his output is then elevated further by his effortless baritone vocals.

Drawing inspiration from both the natural world and the dichotomy between humans and the planet, his music is an outlet for exploring life’s more philosophical questions.


We had the opportunity to speak with Bontruce as part of our Introducing section...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"I’m an artist /producer that goes under the name of Bontruce. I’m 24 years old from Sweden and I love making music."


When did you start making music?

"I got into production quite early, about the age of 12. I downloaded a program and started recording myself. I got hooked and from there and spent 6 hours a day or more just making music. It became my life. As soon as I could talk, I also started singing and creating stuff. I started playing the violin at the age of 9 or 10 and never wanted to do the home assignments where you had to learn other songs; I always wanted to make my own songs. So, creating music was a very natural process for me."


Do you have any major inspirations musically?

"I grew up listening to jazz and classical music and I think that has laid a foundation in my music language. I actually still listen to a lot of soundtrack/film scores and classical piano music. During my childhood I grew up listening to everything... rock classics, system of a down, ABBA, Avicii, Akon, Michael Jackson, Elvis, soul classics, 2pac, old school hiphop, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd… list goes on. So, to answer your question. I’m not sure if I have any major inspirations, but if I had to pick one, that would probably be MJ."

Where are you from and do you feel that place inspires your sound?

"I’m from Sweden and that has definitely impacted me differently than if I had grown up in maybe the UK or US. Swedes tend to like a certain type of melancholic vibe in the music, kind of low energy / sad type of music. A lot of Swedish music is very much grounded in Swedish folk music and you can hear that a lot. For example, with Avicii or ABBA. I know that ABBA comes from that background musically."


What would be your dream place or festival to play and why?

"I don't really have a dream place, I just want my music to reach as many people as possible, and to make people happy with my music. If I had to choose a place, that would be Globen, my home in Sweden. That would be really cool!"


You’ve just released your debut single ‘Salvation’. How has the reaction been so far?

"Those who have heard it seem to really like it. I get messages on Instagram from random people that say that they really love my music, that’s really dope!"


Tell us a little about it!

"It’s a song that’s very inspired by a lot of older 90's house music. I wanted to create something that feels new but also nostalgic. The ‘piano house sound’ we expect to hear, but with a new twist. It was written quite fast and it’s really nothing well thought out, just a vibe. It is the first house song I’ve done for years. I had been doing a lot of hip-hop and pop and wanted to start doing something that I hadn’t done in a while. When I was about 16-18 I used to do a lot more dance music and now I’m back to doing it, it feels really good."


How would you sum up the track in a sentence?

"Don't need no salvation!"


What can we expect from you in the near future?

"Definitely more music and hopefully I can start playing shows soon."

'Salvation' is out now

Listen HERE @bontruce


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