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Introducing | Diamond Pistols

We had the opportunity to speak with LA-based producer Diamond Pistols as part of our Introducing series, where we talked about his forthcoming EP and collaborating during the pandemic.


His track 'Time Machine', featuring frequent collaborator Rich Brian, marked the first release away from the 88rising imprint he’s synonymous with and also the first release from his forthcoming EP, featuring the likes of bbno$, Jaymes Young and Jutes.

A certified hit-maker producer, Diamond Pistols has amassed multiple gold and platinum-certified tracks since bursting onto the scene in 2013, also clocking a Billboard #1 for his production efforts on Jackson Wang’s 'Mirrors'. In the years since, he has produced music and collaborated with some of music’s biggest names, such as Blackbear, Flosstradamus, Joji, DVBBS, Lil Pump and Yung Gravy.


Hello and welcome to The Lowdown! Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"Yo! I’m Diamond Pistols, I’m a producer from Los Angeles, California who likes making all types of music."

Is there a story behind the name Diamond Pistols?

"When I was in high school I was super into the Seattle rap scene where I grew up. The name came from a lyric from a song I was super into at the time called 'Diamond Pistols'."

How would you sum up your sound in the form of a hashtag?


Tell us a little about your single 'Time Machine'!

"Time Machine was the first single off my upcoming project which dropped in early 2021!"

It features Rich Brian! What was the process in collaborating during the pandemic?

"It does indeed. Brian and I actually started the initial idea before the pandemic hit, which is crazy because the song is so much more relevant now with everyone being locked inside their homes for the past 8 months. I had been listening to the demo over and over and around July I hit Brian up to see if he was down to finish it and put it out. I went over to his house to record him and finish up the production and we finished it on the spot."

‘Time Machine’ marked the first release from your upcoming EP. What can we expect from that?

"The whole project really highlights some of the amazing artists that I’ve been working with the past couple years. I’ve never really had much interest in being in the spotlight, that’s why I’m a producer, but I wanted to put together a body of work that I had full control over, and step into the world of being involved with music videos, visuals, and artwork and really be involved with the whole creative process rather than just the music side."

You’ve worked with lots of different artists in the past, including Blackbear, Joji, and DVBBS. Is there any collaboration that has surprised you most, sound wise?

"Blackbear getting on 'Short Kings Anthem' with TMG was a pretty surprising one. Cody, Noel, and I made the idea initially and sent it over to him thinking there was no way he would want to be on a track that's so tongue in cheek, much less would he actually end up bodying the track. We were all pretty surprised."

Most recent track 'help herself' featuring bbno$ is out now.


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