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Introducing | EDES

Norweigan producer EDES prepares for the summer season with an energetic blend of dance-pop and nu-disco on 'Got My Own'.


Featuring driving bass, buoyant female vocals, and an overall irresistible groove, the single comes on the heels of his RKJ Music-backed 'Shut U Up'.

EDES initially made a name for himself as a prolific remixer, emerging on the scene in late 2018 as he placed 2nd in a remix competition for US artist VERITÉ. Since then, he has methodically developed his sound, winning another competition for Elijah Will/Classified and remixing for standout artists such as Rat City, Anjulie, and Hanne Leland.

Now backed by official Spotify playlists along with independent play listers, EDES has quickly topped 700,000 plays on Spotify and counting.


We had a chat with him on the new single, inspirations, and what he's planning next...

Hello! Welcome to The Lowdown! How has life been treating you during the pandemic so far?

"It’s been so weird not seeing people in such a long time! And so sad seeing so many people across the world losing their loved ones.. However the most positive thing during the lockdown I must say has been spending a lot more time at home with my 1 year old than expected."

Tell us a fun fact about you!

"I played in baritone tuba in a marching band as a kid! Just a couple years but still remember the major scale haha!"

When did you start your career in music?

"I started playing guitar at 8, and studied music for four years after high school. After a few years of break from music I have been hard at work with EDES for the last 2-3 years. "

Who’s your biggest influence/influences, musically or in life?

"I’ve had many musical influences over the years, from many different genres. These days I gotta say its Lenno, Madeon, and Chromeo."

What’s your favourite memory been so far in your career?

"I think I’ll never forget when I had just started making nu-disco and I found out I got second place on a remix competition for VERITÉ. I was on a cabin trip with my buddies in the woods, and I barely had reception to check the results on my phone. I was so excited! That remix really did open some doors for me, so I’m really grateful for that."

What would be your dream venue or festival to play?

"I haven’t actually played live with EDES yet, but let’s dream big and let’s say Coachella ;)"

You released your single ‘Got My Own’ back in June. How has the reaction been to the track?

"I’ve been lucky to have gotten some really nice blog coverage, which has been so awesome to read. I’m also very grateful for the kind words on Instagram and direct messages :) It’s good to see that people are liking this nu-disco/electro-pop blend I am going for!"

Tell us a little about it!

"The track actually started as a remix like 1,5 years ago but I liked the instrumental so much that I kept it as a potential original. I contacted Alida, who I knew through a friend, and we had a session where we wrote the melody and lyrics together. She did a great job on it, and I ended up releasing it this June!"

If you could sum your distinct sound up in 5 words what would you say?

"Groove, analog, disco, catchy, feelgood"

What are you up to for the rest of this year and into 2021?

"First, I have two remixes of Got My Own going up in August, and then I will be releasing a few more singles before heading into 2021. Given that the pandemic doesn’t put us back into lockdown, I am hoping to go onstage sometime early in 2021, so if you’re in Norway, look out for that. Otherwise, I will continue releasing singles and hopefully a few remixes as well! So if you are looking for a remixer, hit me up ;)"

With his aim to make people smile and dance via sounds across the decades and a modern music twist, EDES continues his journey as with 'Got My Own'.


Listen to 'Got My Own' HERE Instagram: @musicbyedes


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