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Introducing I Aaron Smith

Closely following on from the release of his recent singles 'Brother' and 'Your Turn Now,' Scottish singer and song-writer Aaron Smith has released his second EP, titled 'For My Father,' which includes the sombre lead single 'Unconditional,' which features guest vocals from Holly Humberstone.

The lead single aims to confront the demons he has faced throughout his adolescent life, with him now reflecting on his emotions through his song-writing. The incredible single is hailed as a 'love letter to those that he cares about most in his life.' Speaking about 'Unconditional,' he explains:

"When I wrote 'Unconditional,' it was at a time where I was away from my loved ones constantly and it was quite hard. It was kind of my letter to them saying that I'm okay and that we are still close. I've always been very close with family, so not seeing them was quite tough."

Aaron Smith first made his mark on the music scene when his debut single 'Unspoken' was released, with the single also featuring on one of BBC Radio 1's playlists and countless Spotify and Apple Music playlists. To date, the single has clocked up over twenty-one million streams and across all streaming platforms with his releases, he has clocked up over forty million streams.

His debut EP 'Loveless' featured tracks including 'In My Way' and 'Better Than You Loved Me,' with the powerful video touching on the sensitive subject of domestic abuse. His natural ability for song-writing and music is fuelled by his experiences of love and trauma, with his music moving listeners.

The Lowdown had the opportunity to speak with Aaron Smith about his new EP, how he got into music and much more. Keep reading to check out what he had to say!

You have recently released your brand new EP 'For My Father.' How does it feel to have that released?

"It feels great thanks! I wasn't too sure at the start of lockdown if I wanted to put anything out with the way everything is at the moment, but it feels really good to get some new songs out into the world!"

How long has the EP been in the works for, right from the initial foundation?

"It's been coming together for a few months. I try to write as much as I can, so it all came together pretty organically and easily."

Do you have a stand-out favourite track from the EP?

"When the EP was in the initial stages, it was 'Your Turn Now,' but now that it is out, it is definitely 'Unconditional.'"

Your music is very personal and draws on issues inevitably very personal to you. Do you find that song-writing is a cathartic experience?

"I would say it is. It's especially cathartic when I'm writing. It is strangely enjoyable!"

For anyone who hasn't heard the EP yet, what words/phrases would you use to sum it up?

"I would say 'very depressing.'"

Your debut single 'Unspoken' was a major hit last year upon its release. Did you feel an element of pressure when it came to the following releases?

"I suppose I did. I want all my songs to live up to that track, and one day surpass its success."

How did you get into music? Was it always something that you knew you wanted to pursue?

"I started playing guitar when I was six and I just grew into it naturally from there. I used to busk very regularly and enjoyed playing live."

Who would you say are your musical inspirations? Do you feel that they have an impact on your music?

"My main musical influences are Bon Iver, Coldplay, John Mayer, Keane and Fleetwood Mac. I think they all helped shape my music."

Following lockdown, do you have any plans to get out on the road and perform your new music?

"I think that until it's safe to do so we are going to hang back until the world is a lot healthier. I'm going to use this time to write as much as I can."

Finally, do you have a message for those who support you?

"Thank you for putting up with my sadness and for sticking around! I'm not as depressing in real life as my songs would suggest, I promise!"

'For My Father' is out now. The EP is available on all usual platforms and can be streamed through Spotify by clicking here.

By Rachel Dempster


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