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Introducing | The Taylor Twins

Following their first breakthrough as Butterfly last year, The Taylor Twins - made up of brothers Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Eddie Taylor (vocals/bass) - released their debut single, titled 'Lost All The Summer' earlier this year, and more recently, 'Still Play Your Game.' Their debut single brings to life guitar-based harmonies, with a classic mix of layered vocal harmonies, captivating melodies and a tinge of a 1960's guitar sound. Lyrically, the track explores the feeling of missed opportunities and the determination to learn from mistakes. While related to their personal experiences, it can also be related to people who hope that this summer is better than last year.

"'Lost All The Summer' is an expression of frustration about missing out on things in the past, and knowing better this time, making the most of everything life has to offer from now on. It's about growing into yourself."

With a range of musical influences that inevitably positively impact their sound, the two brothers really found their passion for music during their teenage years. The band's philosophy is simple:

"Music is there to entertain, to provoke, to thrill and to give people something they crave. So why not give them a real show?"

You have recently released your debut single, 'Lost All The Summer.' How does it feel to now have your own music released?

"It feels so liberating releasing the song after recording it and then re-recording the song about two more times until we got it right! We feel excited for the journey ahead!"

As the single can also be interpreted about better times throughout the summer months, have you found that the past couple of months have given you a chance to be even more creative with your song-writing?

"Definitely! We have been so productive with our writing in the past few months since the release. We listened to a lot of Paul McCartney last year. I'd say we tend to write heavy guitar rock in the winter months and more light jangly music in the spring and summer. It's a good system that we've got going!"

Do you both collectively share the same opinions when it comes to the music that you write, produce and release, or do you have different views?

"We do disagree sometimes, but generally if one of us has a strong idea on how something should be done, then we tend to follow that feeling! It's good and brave to go against the grain!"

Who are your musical influences, individually and collectively?

"Individually, I (Eddie) like Joni Mitchell and all that laurel canyon stuff, but also heavy stuff like Tiger Cub and Thin Lizzy! Ollie has been a big fan of The Alessi Brothers! To be honest, we have a big ocean of artists we both love, like The Beatles and all of their solo work, but also ELO, Sparks, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young etc. It's very 1960's/1970's based, but that's what our parents played us!"

Can you sum up your sound in a couple of words?

"Funny, exciting and twin rock."

What else do you have planned for the remainder of the year?

"We have a couple of shows in the books - one at The Sebright Arms in Hackney and the other in Liverpool. We're working hard now to make sure both will be spectacular! We're also releasing some more music."

Finally, do you have a message for all of your listeners/supporters?

"For everyone that supports us, we thank you greatly. Our listeners are very loyal and have stuck with us through the pandemic and our shift to The Taylor Twins - we couldn't ask for a better bunch of fans!"

'Lost All The Summer' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major responsible music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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