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Genre-melding Brighton outfit Kudu Blue have unveiled their new EP ‘KBVOL.5’, on Nettwerk. A five-track release, ‘KBVOL.5’ features no fewer than four tracks that have been released as singles across 2022. One of the most prolific acts in British music right now, ‘KBVOL.5’ follows on from last year’s ‘KBVOL.4’, an EP heralded as a celebration of “extended youthful exuberance” by The Brighton Magazine.

With roots in Brighton, Birmingham and Bristol, Kudu Blue combine a wide melting pot of

influences (from trip-hop to garage and rock to reggae) into their own brand of bright, textured and melody-driven dance-pop. Merging raw talent with a serious work ethic, Kudu Blue continue to cultivate an ever-growing following.


We spoke with the band as part of our Introducing series...

Introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the band!

"We're a four piece band made up of Clem, Owen Tom and Creeda. We met in Brighton and

started putting out music together. It's been vibes."

How did you meet and when did you start making music together?

"Tom and Clem met at Uni at Bimm. Owen and Creeda were already playing in a band

together. Brighton music scene is small and lovely."

Is there a story or meaning behind the band name?

"It came to Tom during a fever dream after licking a toad."

Based in Brighton, but raised in different places around the UK - how, if in any way have

your surroundings inspired the sound?

"We always have seagulls on the vocal tracks in Brighton. Owen comes from Bristol so brings a trip hop sound. Clem from Brum and loves the garage old school dance. Brighton is full of music and vibes."


With a variety of influences from many genres, how would you sum up your own sound in

a sentence?

"Nostalgic electronic songs to get ready to or come down to."

Who would be your dream artist to work / collaborate with? 

"There's a Dutch band called De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. If we could get in the studio with

them it'd be amazing."

You've just released your new single 'Never Let You Go' - how has the reaction been so


"Pretty good!"

Tell us a little about it! 

"Owen wrote the instrumental on this one over lockdown, we were sending tracks through

to each other. This one stood out, especially with the 303 hook. Clem wrote super catchy

lyrics andddd here we are. A lockdown baby."

It's taken from your EP ‘KBVOL.5’, Are there any key themes or influences throughout the EP?

"I think it's just focusing on punchy, short hits. Really aiming to grab your attention, with

forward thinking electronic production."


Any more exciting things that we should keep an eye out for this year?

"We're buzzing for the queens Diamond Jubilee. We also hope to put out some more tunes in

the not too distant future."

'‘KBVOL.5’ is out now. Listen HERE @kudublue


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