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Introducing | LA Vision

Dance music icon GIGI D’AGOSTINO delivers a unique collaboration and presenting one of Italy’s hottest newcomers: producer, songwriter and singer LA VISION has released his debut single 'Hollywood' …. and letting a real dance floor monster track out of the cage!


LA VISION has one clear goal set when creating music: His songs always tell a story. The multi talent is finding inspiration not only in sound snippets, beats or samples:

"'Hollywood' is about a dream, about trying something and simply tackling it - in contrast to reality. Because pursuing your dream doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become reality"

The collaboration with GIGI D'AGOSTINO is a personal accolade for LA VISION – he has always been a fan of the Italian DJ legend and often inspired to GIGI’s legendary hits. The outcome is perfectly displayed with LA VISION’s debut and will be heating up the dancefloors and playlists around the globe!


We had the chance to speak to the newcomer on the track and more...

Where are you from?

"I live in Brescia in the north of Italy, but I’ve been moving a lot since I was a baby between Italy and Brazil, the two countries I feel I belong to."


When did you start producing music?

"When I was 19 years old. Before that I considered myself a good musician who wanted to do his own music."


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

"Freddie Mercury and Queen for mixing together beautiful classical music and rock. The compositions are mind blowing. 

Mozart for his genius - his music is the closest thing to the language with which everything was

created. Each note, passage, is full of conversations, geometries, feelings; it is nature that speaks

through him. Experience itself is my biggest inspiration - I just translate everything that happens

around me into music."


What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

"Do everything you’re doing now. You won’t stop suffering but you’re gonna suffer for something



What accomplishment are you the most proud of, and why?

"To have learned how to quiet my mind and listen. To be honest I don't know anything about music, but I treat her with respect, and she gently speaks to me every single moment of my life. I listen and repeat. That’s my biggest achievement."


You recently released Hollywood with Gigi D.Agostino. Tell us about the track.

"The track came from karma itself. It just happened, and Gigi became the proof that the most incredible things can happen in the most unexpected moment. I’m grateful to Gigi and the label for believing so much in the project. The song is a small story taken from a bigger scenario that you’re gonna discover in the next few months."


What was your reaction to the song’s reception and feedback?

"Incredible. We made it to take back the whole world to 1999. People are enjoying this – the older

generation who missed, that sound and the newer one appreciating it. And it’s amazing."


How has the process been crafting your own unique style of music?

"In this first phase I’m just trying to take pictures of different timelines and tell a story about it. I’m stuck in the nineties right now but I expect the time machine to rewind fast or move forward."


What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and into 2021?

"Working on new songs, remixing some great artists, and slowly seeing the world go back to

normality so I can travel and take my music personally to people around the globe."


Listen to 'Hollywood' HERE Instagram: @lavisionofficial


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