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Introducing | Laik

Chicago based group Laik have just released their new single 'Every Word'.


The band combine alternative rock and electronic / pop elements to often display a polarity between melancholy lyrics and a major key. The new track is about finding new love and looking into your past with a fear of history repeating itself.

Two versions of 'Every Word' were released and the other is an acoustic track.

We spoke to Tyler from the band about inspirations, the new single and their plans for the future.

Hey! Welcome to The Lowdown! Introduce yourselves and tell us something fun about the band!

"Hey thanks!  My name’s Tyler Rice.  I’m a producer and songwriter based out of Chicago.  LAIK is a combination of me and my two friends, Reuben and Josh.  Basically the way that it works is:  I’ll write a song and get the demo all recorded, then send it to Reuben Garza (drums), and Josh Murtha (bass), so they can add their parts and make it sound good!  We do everything ourselves, all the way to the mixing and mastering phase, so it’s always super gratifying to finish a song! "

Where are you from?

"I’m from Chicago.  Originally from Michigan but moved here for school years ago now."

How did you meet each other and when did you start making music together?

"I met Reuben on Craigslist.  I put out an add for a drummer because I needed to start playing live shows for my first record, 'With Love', which was much more electronic and poppy.  Eventually we started recording and playing shows together and he introduced me to Josh when we needed a bassist on stage and in the studio."

How did you choose the name?

"It’s a pretty random name.  I came up with it in college when I was trying to think of an artist name.  I had always been somewhat obsessed with water and being by water (part of the reason I moved to Chicago.)  So I figured “lake” could be cool.  Then I learned there were a few bands with that name already so I messed with the spelling.  I later found out that “Laik” actually means “to play in opposition of work” in old english so I quite liked that and ran with it!"

Can you sum up your sound?

"I would say it’s pop / rock / and a little bit of indie in there. 

A lot of the unreleased stuff is much more stripped down and relaxed so it leans a bit more the singer songwriter indie vibe.  It’s much more focused on lyrical and vocal performance as opposed to trying to offer up some production tricks.  Sort of going back to the basics."

What would be the overall dream for Laik?

"Well, I’d love to grow the fanbase first and foremost!  Generally I’d like to keep writing and recording and eventually make a living off of it.  I’ve always thought of myself as a studio rat, so if we could get some sync deals for the songs that we write and record that would be great!  I’d also like to get some cool opening spots for gigs and eventually tour (of course when we are allowed to again!)"

You’ve just released your new track ‘Every Word’! Tell us a little about it!

"Yeah!  So this song was written as a Christmas present for my girlfriend actually.  It sort of talks about the awesome feelings that come with the beginnings of a relationship, but also hints at the fear of the future with that person and how they may perceive you down the line.  I found myself saying well “what if this, or what if that?”  The whole point of the song is about letting go of those what if’s and just moving forward.  So I see it as a very honest love song.

There are two versions of the song out right now, the acoustic and the full band version.  I find the acoustic version really speaks to the emotion of the song so I figured I had to put them both out!"

How has the reaction been so far?

"It’s been really good!  A lot of people have reached out and told me they really like it.  That feels good.  It’s been picked up by some Spotify playlists and some local radio so that definitely doesn't hurt!  It’s always an awesome feeling when someone tells you that they like what you’ve created."

We can hear a UK indie / alternative influence in your music. Are there any bands or artists from the UK that inspire the sound?

"Yes for sure.  Most of my favorite artists are from the UK.  One of my favorites right now is Sam Fender.  I think I had “Hypersonic Missiles” on repeat while I wrote and did the demo for “Every Word,” which is probably why it has a Sam Fender vibe to it!"

What are your plans going forward?

"We’re just going to keep writing and recording!  I think that’s what we know best.  We have three more singles lined up, so I’m going to put together a release schedule for those. Stay tuned!"


Listen to 'Every Word' HERE Instagram: @laikmusic


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