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Introducing | LeeFlux

Burton music producer Lee Aucote, aka LeeFlux has just released his debut single 'Foolin' Me'.


We had a chat with LeeFlux on his debut single and more as part of our Introducing series...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"My name is Lee Aucote, my production name is LeeFlux. I’m from Burton on Trent in the Midlands UK, 24 years old."

When did you first develop an interest in music and producing?

"I first developed an interest and passion in Music Production when I was 16/17. I studied Music Technology at Burton College."

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about it? Do you feel as though your surroundings have inspired your sound in any way?

"I love Burton, I’ve lived here for most of my life and it’s great to see many amazing things coming out of such a small brewery town. With the boxing success of Frazer Clarke, acting success of Paddy Considine and music from Nathan Dawe."

Who are your biggest inspirations, musically?

"I have many musical inspirations that influence my sound. Skrillex was always someone that really drove my passion for production when I was younger, I fell in love with his production style when I used to produce Dubstep under the alias of Sub-Exile with a college friend. But I later on decided to pursue a solo career under LeeFlux, exploring the world of House music. Where I took massive inspiration from pioneers in the scene such as MK, Philip George & Shadow Child."

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

"My dream vocalist to work with would be AlunaGeorge for sure! Incredible vocal style and has an immense passion for what she does. My dream artist collaboration would be MK, Jax Jones or Gorgon City. So many to choose from as there are so many talented artists out there, especially in the underground!"

You’ve just released your debut single ‘Foolin’ Me’! How has the reaction been so far?

"The reaction to my debut single, 'Foolin’ Me' has been amazing! All of my friends and family have supported it massively and I’m so happy that it has been added to lots of Spotify playlists around the globe."

Tell us a little about it!

"It’s my first song under my new alias of LeeFlux. I really wanted to make an upbeat, energetic feel good song that people can relate to and go mad on the dancefloor to! It’s a great feeling to see that people all around the world are listening to my music, it’s all about the good vibes!"

What’s coming next for you?

"I have some exciting projects lined up this year, working with several very talented vocalists. I can’t wait to reveal what’s coming up next on this journey, I’m just getting started! Watch this space!"

'Foolin' Me' is out now. Listen HERE @leeflux


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