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Introducing | Sam Wilde

Leeds-based singer-songwriter Sam Wilde released new single ‘Time Will Tell’ back in July.


Following on from previous alt-rock singles ‘In Your Head’ and ‘On The Run’, ‘Time Will Tell’ sees Sam take a more mellow approach. Packed with sentiment and blissful indie guitars, the single showcases his impeccable songwriting skills. 

Recorded completely from home with the help of esteemed producer Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart, the track explores the emotional anxieties and excitement that comes with starting a new relationship.

Speaking on the track, Sam says:

“‘Time Will Tell’ is about that feeling of fear and excitement when you first start seeing someone, and the hope that as you gradually show more of yourself and as they get to know you, they still think and feel the same about you. It’s that little moment of uncertainty when neither of you fully knows how the other person feels and too worried about bringing it up in case it ruins things”.

The current lockdown has given Sam a chance to do something different with this release.


We had the opportunity to speak to Sam Wilde about his sound, inspirations and the recent release...

You are based in Leeds, but grew up in Manchester. How did growing up in the city influence your personality and music?

"It definitely had an impact. Influence for me is something subconscious I think? I don’t tend to try and write songs in a specific genre and a lot of the time I can only tell I’ve been influenced by that ‘thing’ once I’ve got a finished product. So when I listen back to a lot of my writing I can hear those influences that were definitely more prominent in the Manchester music scene and from growing up listening to bands like The Stones Roses, Oasis, The Verve, The Smiths."

Your sound is described as “finely poised between alternative rock and gentle Americana – all tied together with a dazzling pop sensibility.” Do you prefer to have your music associated with a specific genre, or loosely labeled?

"It doesn’t really bother me to be honest. I guess it’s good to be associated with specific genres for some reasons, but I also think it can be limiting for you as an artist. I find myself writing loads of different styles and different genres but sometimes I feel like I can’t release it because it's not in a similar genre, or you find yourself trying to make that song more of the style you’re labeled as, which ends up completely changing or ruining the feel of the song."

Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

"There will usually be a trigger, something that sparks an idea and then it develops from there. The majority of the time this seems to come from conversations I have with friends or family, but I’ve found that literally anything can be an inspiration, or at least influence the direction of a developing idea. I’ve found that a lot of the time, I end up writing songs about other people’s stories rather than my own experience."

Your latest track, “Time will Tell”, was recorded fully at home. What was that experience like?

"It was fun and a lot cheaper! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me more time to perfect the things I wanted in the track, and I felt like I wasn’t having to rush. I do love the whole studio experience though, there is a specific buzz you get from seeing everything come together and being in that environment. I’m going to try and record a lot more at home for the time being, but I'll definitely be getting back in the studio in the future."

What were some positives and or negatives about recording in isolation?

"Positives: I had loads of time to try out new ideas. I didn’t feel rushed or feel like I had to meet any deadlines as it felt like the whole world was on hold. It gave me an opportunity to give things a go that I hadn’t in the past.

Negatives: It took a while to get my head around recording from home. I missed that studio buzz. I didn’t know when to stop so ended up recording far too many takes." 

What is your reaction to the song’s reception and feedback?

"The reception has been great. I was a bit weary of what people would think as it's quite different to previous songs, but overall it's been great and seems to be getting a lot of attention on Spotify which is class and also featured in the official charts new releases?! That was pretty crazy."

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

"Hmmmm, write more. Don’t be afraid to do the things you actually want to do in your music."

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and into 2021? 

"There is a video coming out very soon for Time Will Tell! Expect more home recorded singles this year and fingers crossed some actual GIGS! I have a few gigs that have been rescheduled for next year but I'm still waiting to hear back on date confirmation, but hopefully loads of gigs and festivals, and new music."


Listen to 'Time Will Tell' HERE Instagram: @samwildemusic



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