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Oslo, Norway based artist Ira Nor has released her debut single 'flashback' and announced her signing to Norwegian tastemaker label 777 Music.


'flashback' is the first track to be heard from Ira Nor's debut EP 'Swim Ira', out 26th August. The EP opens with the song, produced alongside frequent collaborator Øyvind Glåmen, and is a synth-heavy hyperpop leaning reflection on a toxic relationship.

It tracks Ira crossing paths with an ex-lover at a party, which

“takes you a thousand steps back in the healing process. You might be moving on but because of the rollercoaster of emotions you had with that person, seeing them again is like getting smacked in the face. The song is about looking back at a former toxic love. The feelings are extra strong because toxicity does that sometimes - it’s about being drawn to toxicity."

Born and raised in a small Norwegian coastal town called Halsa, 22 year old Ira Nor takes hurt and channels it into music as futuristic as it is gut-punchingly relatable. Musically inspired by acts such as 070 Shake, Troye Sivan and Charli XCX, Ira Nor lets her worst life-moments fuel her song writing, transforming them into something not only beautiful but capable of bringing comfort to others.

'flashback' is out now.

Listen HERE


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