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IRJA | Aura

London-based Swiss duo, IRJA have released their debut six-track EP 'Aura' featuring singles 'Heavy State of Mind', and 'Devil You Know' as well as new track '305'.


'Heavy State of Mind', released back in May lyrically explores the themes of a broken relationship and the impact it can have. The track is emotionally rich with a lush soundscape, delicate in places and more climatic in others. Intricate guitar plucks swirl over light electronic beats and captivating synths, gradually progressing with dreamy and hypnotic vocals. '305' takes a slightly heavier approach with a strikingly raw vocal performance set to a backdrop of more intense drum beats with flourishes of bright but distorted synths and well crafted guitar.

Although each track is somewhat different, IRJA have crafted a distinctive sound and identity that is entirely their own as they continue to deliver exhilarating, melodic and heartfelt music to the forefront of electronic talent.

IRJA began writing and recording together in 2019, following a chance encounter. Sharing a passion for the sparse, intimate soundscape of Berlin's electronic music scene, the pair set about creating their own take on the genre. Comprised of Colin Lan and Basil Steiner, hit it off immediately and began making music at home during lockdown. The enforced restrictions meant they could only play drums with brushes, allowing the pair to take an orchestral approach to recording percussion. Recording several layers, the process resulted in the creation of a rich, textural sound that they can firmly call their own.

The 'Aura' EP is out now. Listen HERE


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