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Isabel Wood | Mind Reader

Rising Australian artist Isabel Wood has released her new single ‘Mind Reader’ with support from MGM Distribution.


'Mind Reader' is the follow up to her 2019 breakthrough releases ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Ghost 3am’, however, takes a different turn musically for Isabel - right from the opening line revealing that it isn't the gloomy sad girl track that her fans are accustomed to. 'Mind Reader' opts for a more direct and hard hitting approach, whilst still incorporating chilled beats. This track is really refreshing, polished and vocally flawless. Isabel's voice is incredible.

Speaking about the track, Isabel says:

“Mind Reader was born out of my frustration with people never saying what they truly think or feel. Like, if I’ve upset you or if you want something, you could save us all a LOT of time by spitting-it-out to begin with rather than me having to draw it out of you!”

Isabel was able to eloquently convey this frustration through her role as the track’s only songwriter, as with her previous releases.

‘Mind Reader’ was produced by Tom Eggert, who readers might recognise as the front-

man of Brisbane’s hugely successful electronic outfit MTNS. The track was created upon

Isabel and Tom’s first meeting, with the duo taking just one day to bring the song to life from

the initial iPhone voice memo recorded in Isabel’s bathroom.


Listen to 'Mind Reader' HERE Instagram: @isabelwoodmusic


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