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Having already amassed 27.3k TikTok Followers and nearly 1 Million Likes, Isabel Dumaa is prepping her debut singles, the first is 'Call My Bluff'.


'Call My Bluff' is a catchy pop track that pulls you in with its sweet melody and syncopated beats and gets you immediately in your feelings. Isabel's voice is direct and conversational; you want to hear what she is going to sing next. Dealing with a sense of not being good enough is universal.

As Isabel details,

"I write in cursive 'cause it makes me feel smarter," came to me one day after leaving school. I had left my computer at home and had to hand-write part of an essay, and I did so in cursive. I asked myself why I chose to write in cursive and looking at the writing, I realised it gave me a sense of distinctiveness and individuality, regardless of the words I put down. Even though I didn't feel confident in the essay, the cursive made it feel better. That idea became the basis for this song. Later that year, I moved to LA and found myself experiencing feelings of inferiority and doubt. Yet, I found myself doing little things or putting up different facades that would make me feel better about myself, or at least appear so. I wanted to write a song that encapsulated that feeling of imposter syndrome and conquering it."

Isabel Dumaa is primed to make waves in your favourite pop playlists. At 18 years old, the LA resident is making music with bright melodies that are both empowering and sensitive. For her first live gig she opened for Small Pools to a sold out crowd at The Roxy.

A San Francisco native, Isabel Dumaa has been writing songs since 11 years old. She was raised on the greats like Billie Holiday, James Taylor, Carole King and Patsy Cline. This led her to Taylor Swift and Isabel has been writing songs ever since. Even before she was writing her own music, she was telling people she was going to be a rock star. As soon as she graduated high school, she moved out to LA to pursue her dream.

Her rich vocals and solid pop sensibilities makes her songs personal and relatable. There's an undeniable comforting, conversational tone to her vocals that draws you in and keeps you there. She draws inspiration from R&B, Bedroom Pop, and even Folk and Jazz. Her individual style is sure to turn heads and add to her ever-growing fan base. The world is just getting to know Isabel Dumaa.

'Call My Bluff' is out now. Listen HERE @imisabeldumaa


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