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J-Minu$ | maybe we got it all wrong

South Texas artist J-Minu$ has released his highly anticipated debut project 'maybe we got it all wrong'.

Shedding light on various themes around perseverance, struggle and heartbreak, the project showcases the unique style that is becoming known as J-Minu$' signature sound of alt-pop which pulls influence from different styles and scenes such as early 2000's pop punk and more modern elements of hyper-pop, bedroom pop and hip-hop.

Releasing 3 singles earlier this year, including the stunning 'optimistic' which dropped earlier this summer and told the internal struggle that the artist had faced in his career, he boasts his talent both for writing and vocally. This new project is filled with unique production, catchy choruses and genre binding elements, creating a must-listen and entertaining sound that J-Minu$ hopes will resonate with listeners who are feeling the same struggles in daily life.

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, J-Minu$ is a true hustler in every sense of the word. With an early attachment to music at a young age, J began recording and writing music at the age of 16 and brings something totally new to the modern industry.

Priding himself in his hard work and dedication towards his craft, J has been recording music out of his family’s food truck while juggling a full-time job and various side hustles since 2016. Early in his career J-Minu$ has released over 70 tracks independently with a song going viral to earn him a verification badge on Instagram before completely rebranding himself and starting fresh in 2021. We are excited about what's to come from this introspective artist.


'maybe we got it all wrong' is out now. Listen HERE @therealjminus


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