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Jack Fettes | Social Spotlight

What's your name & where are you from?

Jack Fettes, Bracknell, Berkshire.

What is a unique fact or story about you?

I have grown up with numerous allergies, eczema and also asthma but instead of seeing these as bad things in my life i have embraced that they make me who i am and it's also little trademark of mine now ahaha. I didn't always feel this way about this growing up because as a kid it's hard to understand however, with living with this my whole life I am now used to them as well as having good diet. 

For any TikTok newbies, what is it that attracted you to the platform and what is it that you love most about it?

Sounds cliche but I downloaded tiktok for some fun and to see what the hype is about. I ended up posting three videos straight away and one of them starting to go viral straight away and i saw the hype then translate to my instagram and youtube. This made me think that i could potentially do something with tiktok and make the most of this opportunity. So, i then filmed some videos i found funny and they went viral too and within a week I had grown 15K on tiktok and i was stunned at the impact i was having. I then continued to post 5-12 times a day and can safely say I'm amazed and grateful for tiktok. I mainly love the fact that you can reach millions of people all over the world by doing the simplest things. If you aren't putting time into tiktok the you are missing out on the biggest opportunity of this generation. 

What has been your favourite dance or trend recently?

My favourite dance trends were definitely the "something new dance" which mine had over 350k views and then my other would've the "Rover dance" which even saw Simba himself comment and James Charles. 

TikTok is famous for sending sounds / songs viral on there, which 5 tracks do you recommend we add to our playlist?

For me it will have to be:



Something New,

This City

and The Take

There's a real community feel within the app, which other creators should we check out and why? 

My top 3 creators will have to be Tyga, Jeremy Lynch and Anatasia Kigsnorth

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

I've got a lot planned for my future and I couldn't be any more excited. Definetly stay tuned and keep up to date with my socials because I've got very xciting stuff coming very soon! 

Finally, which is your favourite TikTok you've created so far and why? 

Although this is a very recent TikTok I feel as if it is an important message for everyone.


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