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Jack West | Forever

‘Forever’ is the latest single from Rochester rocker Jack West and the sonic transformation which is at play here is truly something to behold.


Following on from ‘The Last Arcade’ which saw West experiment with cosmic synth tones, ‘Forever’ is a bubbly feel-good anthem akin to bands like The Killers and Panic! At The Disco.  The track spells auspicious happenings for this young newcomer (he is only 15 years old) and stylistically the single shows real signs of creative maturity, when compared with the rustic songs on his debut album ‘For the Record’, and perfectly epitomizes the creative strides which West is making.

Keep your ear to this guy, as we are sure he has only just begun.


Listen to 'Forever' HERE Instagram: @jackwest32


Twitter: @ross_alister


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