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Jack Wright | Social Spotlight

We caught up with social megastar and Hype House LA resident, Jack Wright. Jack gave us The Lowdown on all things TikTok, collaborations and his top music recommendations.

As a dancer and entertainer he has built up a loyal following, boasting an impressive 4.4million TikTok followers with his videos being 'liked' over 136million times on the platform.


What's your name & where are you from?

My name is Jack Wright and I am from Southern California. 

Photo Credit: Bryant Eslava (Instagram: @Bryant)

What is a unique fact or story about you?

I am a twin. I dance in a ton of my TikToks with my twin, James Wright & I am an All-American Pole Vaulter in high school. 

For any TikTok newbies, what is it that attracted you to the platform and what is it that you love most about it?

I love the collaboration on TikTok! I am a twin and we both get to do a ton of dances and trends on TikTok with friends at the Hype House in Los Angeles. I love dancing on TikTok!

What has been your favourite dance or trend recently?

Probably Supalonely dc: @zoifish

TikTok is famous for sending sounds / songs viral on there, which 5 tracks do you recommend we add to our playlist?

Be Happy by Dixie D’Amilio, Ghosttown by Kanye, Ride by Nate Wyatt, What They Want by Russ, and TKN by La Rosalia

There's a real community feel within the app, which other creators should we check out and why?

Check outmy twin James Wright (@jameswrightt)

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

More dancing on TikTok! 

Finally, which is your favourite TikTok you've created so far and why?

Our first viral video that my twin and I danced in our back yard will always be my favorite. We had so much fun! 

You can follow Jack on Instagram here


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