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Jackson Guthy is back with a new single which kicks off his slew of brand new music to come in 2022. The life-long singer / songwriter has grown up within the industry and his debut solo EP, 'Stories', which dropped in 2019, immediately turned heads with the lead single 'Giants' amassing millions of streams and featuring on TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy.


'Like I Did' is driven by Jackson's raspy crooning and you can feel that all consuming ache as he sings. The track finds him at the precipice of realizing a relationship has shifted directions. The joy, comfort, and assurances once felt are now spoken in the past tense and the track is a heartfelt plea that lingers long after the song ends.

Jackson notes,

"I wrote 'Like I Did' about a point in a relationship when you can feel the person you care about slipping away and there's not much you can do to fix it. You start to think about the times you were truly happy or in love, and in that, there's a sense of peace knowing you were able to bring someone so much happiness at one point, even if you don't anymore. I started this one with my good friend Cody Lovaas and between him & Rory Andrew, the production and song really came to life."

Jackson Guthy is no stranger to the music industry and limelight. An LA native, he started playing the piano at four-years-old and hasn't slowed down since. Years of makeshift demos flooded his phone's notes; the French fry emoji denoting his favourite audio clips. These clips soon began to take shape as he grew in his song writing and recording.

Following the success of this EP and his standalone single, 'What If It's Not', Jackson Guthy is ready to become a household name as he preps more music for 2022.

'Like I Did' is out now.


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