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Janet Devlin | Big Wide World

Janet Devlin’s long-awaited concept album 'Confessional' is out now, alongside feelgood, cautiously optimistic, singalong hit of the summer ‘Big Wide World’.


'Big Wide World' oozes a feel-good, highly recommended charm over us all. It's both catchy and current, fresh and focused, with a summery vibe. The song’s energy and lively atmosphere combines folk-pop elements and uplifting rhythms, with legendary trad Irish musician Brian Fleming providing bodhran and percussion. Vocally, Janet never misses a note, her tone and sound unique, rich and effortless.

Written with Lauren Aquilina and produced by Jonathan Quarmby ‘Big Wide World’ has the word ‘anthem’ written all over it and is bursting with happiness; a starting gun to a delayed summer, and the result of Janet’s new-found optimistic outlook on life. With Janet’s signature ukulele, delicate yet driving mandolin and infectious, pacey feel, it is a perfect antidote for those who’ve had weeks spent boxed in by the same four walls.

Inadvertently finding a new meaning in 2020, the track brings a positive message of re-embracing the outside world.

The accompanying music video, released 9th June 2020, was born from a concept devised by Janet: a joyful (and, quite literally, moving) homage to Forrest Gump’s famous running sequence.

“When I was in rehab, I rewatched this particular film numerous times. There was something about this scene that spoke to me. I felt the urge to run – not away from something… but towards something. Now with the world having been cooped up for so long I wanted to take this song for a run in the great outdoors – stretch its legs. At my lowest points, running was always the best way to keep my mental health in check; it was a great way to connect with the world.”

Directed once again by Katia Ganfield, the video was no mean feat, being filmed using social distancing techniques and featuring heart-warming vignettes of happy moments submitted by fans all over the world.

As the singer herself resurfaces from a self-imposed exile with a new album and autobiography, so too does the world from self-isolation and lockdown.


Listen to 'Big Wide World' HERE Instagram: @janetdevlinofficial


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