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Jason Walker | One Foot

Jason Walker has shared his reflective new single ‘One Foot’.


The track’s lyrics are deeply heart-felt as Jason talks about the day-to-day process of dealing with heartbreak. Originally written from the perspective of someone else, the track took on a whole new meaning when his brother tragically passed away in a car accident last month.

Backed up by delicate piano keys and soothing ‘ooo’s’ before bursting into an anthemic, soaring chorus, you can really feel the emotion in Jason’s voice, and we find ourselves reflecting on our own heartbreak.

Commenting on the track, he said: 

“One Foot is a song about determination in the midst of defeat. When I wrote this song, it was for someone else, but now I’m in a season of life where it directly speaks to me. I love the universality of music in that way.”

At 19-years-old Jason moved from his hometown of Illinois to Nashville to pursue music, and within two years he had signed with the influential label Curb/Word. Since then, he as garnered over 100 million Spotify streams, has collaborated with the likes of Steve Aoki and Kygo, and has had sync licensing placements on The Vampire Diaries, VH1, and MTV.


Listen to 'One Foot' HERE


Twitter: @ross_alister


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