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JC Stewart | Loud

JC Stewart has released his brand new single 'Loud,' a beautifully stripped-back track, with a captivating piano and guitar sound to accompany his breath-taking vocals.

Taking to his official Instagram page to explain to listeners the meaning of the track, he said that it has been a year whereby he hasn't really felt himself, with a 'feeling of both not being present and being way too involved and wrapped up in everything I was doing, in particular, music.'

His new single was brought to life when he was on a short break in Kent. The single is a particularly poignant tribute to his girlfriend, who he described as being 'the only person who can talk me down and the only one who can reach through the gaps of the manic thoughts and pull me back into reality.'

You can watch the official music video for 'Loud' below:

His lyrical vulnerability is exceptionally showcased throughout this track, and you somehow can't help but feel drawn into the track when you are listening to it. There is something undeniably special about this release. The Northern Irish singer and song-writer has become renowned for his phenomenal releases over the past couple of years, with the release of tracks including 'Lying That You Love Me,' 'Break My Heart' and 'I Need You To Hate Me.'

With two headline shows planned for later this year, one in Belfast's Ulster Hall and the second show in London's O2 Academy Islington, there will no doubt be an impressive array of new music for him to perform to those who are going, including this brand new single, which we can't wait to hear live!

'Loud' is out now. You can listen to the track on Apple Music here. The track can additionally be streamed on Spotify by clicking here. Further, the track is available to purchase and stream through other major responsible music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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