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Jei-Rynn releases the first single from his upcoming EP 'overreacting' due for release in October.


On the single, Jei-Rynn ruminates on escapism and emotional disassociation. A dark but upbeat alternative pop-rock track with shades of hip-hop, the song explores the effect of past damage on the present, as well as the fragility of identity. The inception of the song came with the vocal melody of the chorus while Jei-Rynn was in a state of semi-sleep, fittingly.

Jei-Rynn’s songs have been described as 'journal entries'. Based in and native to southern California, the artist began writing his own songs as early as 12. Jei-Rynn’s art and songwriting was always an oasis to him, an outlet. His music is evocative of familiar alternative artists like Nirvana or more modern alt acts like Yungblud or Twenty One Pilots, but his sound is also singular and new. It’s the voice of a misfit; outsider music in a pop-friendly package.

2022 saw the release of Jei-Rynn’s debut singles. To create these singles, Jei-Rynn teamed up with a range of talented producers, including Alex Newport, Alex Arias and Marshall Gallagher. His songs explore the anxieties of a post-pandemic America, depression and identity, and the complexity of relationships. Jei-Rynn continues to explore these themes in his debut EP 'overreacting', an angular, impassioned collection of songs largely produced by ZK Productions, the production team of Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, with one track produced by Alex Arias. A multiethnic, multi-genre, multi-instrumental artist, Jei-Rynn is a new voice in alternative to be reckoned with.

'sleeping (all day)' is out now.


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