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Jenoah | Social Spotlight

What's your name & where are you from?

My name is Jenoah and I’m from Culver City , California. 

What is a unique fact or story about you?

A unique fact about me is that I’m left handed and I’m double jointed in my left shoulder. 

For any TikTok newbies, what is it that attracted you to the platform and what is it that you love most about it?

What attracted me to Tik tok was it’s easy to use features and strong sense of community. Everybody on there is really welcoming and they hype up all your talents .

What has been your favourite dance or trend recently?

My favorite dance trend has been the “sin city” challenge haha. 

TikTok is famous for sending sounds / songs viral on there, which 5 tracks do you recommend we add to our playlist?

The 5 tracks I would recommend for TikTok would be...

Cash App by Jufu 

Balencies by CHIKA

Trenches by T Grizzley 

GTB by Jenoah ;)

and Slow Down by Skip Marley and H.E.R

There's a real community feel within the app, which other creators should we check out and why? 

The top 3 creators I’d recommend to check out would be : Jean Victorm, Therealblackpanther,  and OndreazLopez. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

In the upcoming future, you can expect to see new music from me and possibly a fitness program. 

Finally, which is your favourite TikTok you've created so far and why? 

My favorite TikTok would have to be the one that made me go viral. I love it because it was unplanned and completely freestyle. It’s a perfect representation of how I do things and it’s given me and awesome platform to be free. 


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